You and me... and me and you...

So here we are. You. Me. Henry. My desk, a stack of journals, lousy illustrations by yours truly, stacks of paper scraps with chicken scratch all over them, and of course, one steaming hot cup of coffee (thanks, Lovemuffin!).

Now what?

I feel as though I'm in a three-ring (Or is it ringed?) circus. (If you'd like to picture me as the clown, fine. I wear a size ten shoe anyway so my feet being humacious is something I'm used to. But I will *not* wear that big red nose. Sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere.) I have this women's fic piece I've been working on, the second book that would come after FLORA (which may or may not even go anywhere so is it really smart to work on it all of the time? Obviously not. I'm not writing it, anyway, just jotting down ideas as they come.), and the WiP that came to me not that long ago, which I think is a pretty darn good idea if I do say so myself but will involve lots of thinking and brain wracking and hard work and well, I'm in lazy mode because it's the holidays and whatnot -- you know how that is, right?

So when I get into this mode of ideas crashing through my head, I go back and forth constantly from journal to journal, and not a whole lot of actual writing gets done. (Plot points? Yes. Dialogue? Once in a while. But word count? Nuh-uh.) When the day is done, I pretty much have nothing to show for it. Very frustrating.

I'm trying to decide which project to focus my energy on, but this deciding stuff is for the birds. Lovemuffin wants me to work on the shiny new (YA) WiP, instead of going back to the adult one. He's proud of the idea I've come up with -- him actually saying "Well I think you should work on such-and-such" is quite a big deal. But... I want to be lazy! (How dare I want something like that, right? Writer's can't be lazy! Hello, Jessica! What are you thinking?)

Ooh look. Donuts... on an eraser. Do you think it tastes like donuts?


Andi said...

Ok, so here's the thing - This is a great query for your 'shiny new YA' idea! I'm excited and can't wait to read it - in fact, I wanna know more right now!

now that I got that out of the way.


ok ok.

seriously though. as always - I can relate for the most part. though I gotta say, I would NEVER have imagined you having size 10 feet!

So get to work on that new idea - I am excited for you - it's so fun to start something new!

Kate Lydston said...

I actually don't know lazy-mode, so I'll have to trust you that it exists in some alternate universe for me. (So. Tired.)

I say go with the one that calls to you. I'm not an advocate of switching gears mid-project, but if you only have notes with your WIP, it can simmer.

Linda G. said...

You get to be lazy sometimes. It's called "recharging." :)

Anne Gallagher said...

I agree. Lazy is good right about now. I'm fighting with myself what to work on. The set-up for the new Regency is done, backstory in place, even 8k in words but am just not that into it. Maybe after the holidays.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Andi - it is exciting, but frustrating, too. Still trying to work all of the subplots and whatnot out. Lovemuffin is going to *love* knowing you agree with him. Ha. And yes, I'm a size ten=( Now I want to know what size YOU are!;)

Kate - Ah yes. After reading your post the other day, I can see that you are a great planner/follow through-er. And I think I'm going to work on the new one. My main problem is patience. I want to know everything about it, and I want to know NOW. ;)

Linda - I love that. That's how I'm going to look at it from now on!!!

Anne - I think sometimes it's better to take a break. Helps you recharge, as Linda put it. ;) Then when you go back, you're excited about it again, instead of feeling overwhelmed. =)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Don't eat the eraser! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww...

Elana Johnson said...

Okay, you've just described my life, with the donuts and all. The only thing missing is g-chat where I obsess with my besties who want to kill me. No lie.

So, uh, good luck deciding?

Andi said...

I suppose I'm so excited about your new idea because I always have new ideas and I'm waist deep in my WIP right about now. I look forward to it being done and having the choice of working on this or that ... I really am a bit envious that you are working on something new.

size 9 :)
and for some reason I just imagined you having tiny feet ... (ohhhhh, that sounded weird!) feel free to laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

I jump to and from journals and spreadsheets when I'm working on a wip and itching to begin another. I feel electric with shiny new ideas.

Julie Musil said...

You crack me up. Hey, if love muffin thinks your idea is good, you're probably on to something. My hubby was at work, talking with one of his chiefs (he's a firefighter) and said "Hey, that would make a great book. I'll tell my wife." It's funny when my non-reading husband is looking for book ideas.

beck nicholas said...

Nre idea1 if it's hard but exciting it could be something great. Something that will make you proud. That's worth a bit of energy? No?

*beck slinks off to take own advice*

Lola Sharp said...

I think it's hard to do much writing during the holidays. I think if there is ever a month to step away from writing and enjoy loved ones and living life, this is the month.

But I do agree with Kate on the not jumping around projects. I have to stay with one until it's done, or it grows cold. The lure of the Shiny New Idea is always a siren song, so I just write the SNIs down in my Idea Notebook and get back to the business at hand. (or I'd never finish any WiPs)

BUT, that's my process. I know plenty of others are able to juggle several projects at a time and finish them/revise them etc. I'm not one of them.

(still love your owls :)

Unknown said...

I say do the piece that has him excited. If you have people excited before the story is written, you probably have a killer hook. Good luck!

Hopefully, you check mine out,

Draven Ames

Lila Swann said...

I don't have much to say about multiple projects at once - I've been working on my novel for five years now, only a year of which has been actual writing. I never experience the siren call of new ideas, mostly because I don't get new ideas for separate projects, I get new ideas for the current book/series.

HOWEVER! I do know about brainstorming/journaling and not getting any actually words down. And I would just like to say that I believe in that wholeheartedly. You need time to get the story straight in your head. You need time to play with the tiny details. I think it results in better writing.

J.K. Rowling did that. She brainstormed/plotted for five years before she actually wrote the first book.

Regina said...

Now your speaking my language except I have about 16 notebooks going on at one time so I know how you feel about bouncing around and wanting to pull your hair out and confused on what to focus on.

When you get involved in one, then an idea hits for another one and off I go. I never know which way is up and I am so far behind with all kinds of things that it will be amazing if I ever get anything done. lol

VR Barkowski said...

With back to school and the impending holidays, fall is a difficult time to write. It's tough to write in the winter, because it's cold and hard to think about anything other than curling up with a blankie. Writing is *really* rough going in the spring, because the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom and after all the gray winter weather who wants to stare at a blank page? And Summer? Fuhgeddaboudit! Who can write during vacation?

Procrastinate? I'm an expert! I do get a lot of research done, but word count? Not so much.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

How did I miss all of these comments???

L. Diane - It was sooooo yummy. (Not really. Ha.)

Elana - I can't imagine even your BESTIES wanting to kill you! You're crazy! And maybe that's part of being a writer? The indecisiveness?

Andi - Yeah I wish I had tiny feet. Luckily, they don't look like size tens (I don't think). And Lovemuffin *so* had to know what size you were. I can't wait to tell him you're almost as big as me. Hee hee.

Medeia - That electric feeling is what keeps us going, isn't it? I love it... until I start to run out steam. (That's when I move on to music. It really does help.)

Julie - That's hilarious! You've definitely made a good impression on him if he is thinking about books! ;)

Beck - The whole "hard but exciting" is so stinking frustrating! (Mainly because I have control issues, I think.) So did you take your own advice? Inquiring minds want to know.;)

Lola - Glad you still like my owls. I think I'm finally getting a handle on the whole owl thing. (Now I don't buy every single one I see. *pats self on the back*) And I agree about this time of year. I've decided to work when things come to me, but not stress about actually planting myself somewhere and writing. I think come January I'll be able to work better than if I stressed myself out trying to do it right now.

Draven - I will definitely check it out! =)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Lila - Thanks for that very interesting tidbit about J.K. Rowling! When writing fantasy, that is a definite necessity!

Regina - Are we long lost sisters? ;) I have close to as many journals, too. But I do try to stick with one story, which is hard at the moment because it's not easy getting my head out of FLORA and into a new project for some reason!

VR - YES! EXACTLY! There really is NO time to write! What were we thinking! LOL