Bookish Things I'd Give a Kidney For (#bloggerextravaganza)

And... here I am... two days late and a kidney short (hehe) because I totally missed post one for the

(For more info, go HERE.) BUT... at least I'm here, right? Right. And since yesterday was World Kidney Day, Rachel had the smart idea for one of today's post options to be Bookish Things I'd Give a Kidney For. I mean, yes, it's technically post #2, but I'm here, and I'm doing it, so here we go.

And oh, man. There are SO MANY bookish THINGS I would love. Would I really give a kidney for them? Prob not. But since this is the kind of post you get to share all the things you're drooling over, I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity, and share mine. YA READY? (Might want to go hide your wallet from yourself first, though. Don't say I didn't warn you!)


I have been admiring these darlings for months. I don't even know what else to say other than they're adorable and I love them (this one especially) and would never ever burn it in a million years but make sure EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WALKED IN MY DOOR came over it and appreciated it just because.


I have no idea how to flip that, so you get to see it the way it is. I'm especially in love with this one and the other black blanket with gold lettering. I also recently ordered the largest sized one for my mother in-law (not a bookish one) and the big one IS SO BIG. 

So, so gorgeous. I would never, ever let anyone else touch it... it would be mine and I'd use it all of the time. :D

Some of you have seen my recent desperate tweets about trading my copy and not realizing you can't buy this anywhere anymore. *sobs* Dumb me. I would give so much for it. I'm one of those people who will get two copies of a book I love so that I can push one on people and keep the other for my collection. This was from my collection (see photo below), which I thought I could just up and reorder come a birthday or something. NOPE. Dumb, dumb Jessica. *sobs more*

Back when I still had the entire collection :( 

Speaking of Melina Marchetta, I loved LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI, and found out that it was made into a movie in AUSTRALIA!!!! But is not available here. :( :( :( So my #4 (somewhat) bookish thing I'd give a kidney for is:

DVD blurb: Josie Alibrandi has a lot to deal with right now. She's 17, got the dreaded H.S.C. in front of her and the boy of her dreams seems completely out of reach. Then there's that other problem. She's a wog. Sure it's where Josie comes from but it's not where she feels she belongs. In fact, Josie doesn't know where she belongs. With her Nonna in one ear talking about the old country and the stuck-up girls at her school telling her she's an outsider, it's no wonder. This year, however, everything is going to change. Josie will let loose, face her fears, uncover secrets - even discover the true identity of her father. From the bestselling novel by Melina Marchetta, comes the surprise hit of the year starring Greta Scacchi (Emma), Anthony La Paglia (The Client), Pia Miranda (TV's Neighbours) and Kick Gurry (The Thin Red Line), Looking for Alibrandi.

5) Any of these pencils from ICEY DESIGNS (though the two below are my favorite)


 I would never use them, but they'd be beautiful. And that's what matters, you know?

6) The UNWIND movie already

Last we heard was back in October, from the Shusterman himself. Production was slated for April of this year, but I haven't really heard much in recent months. 

I have been looking forward to this movie for over five years. (As in, I've been wanting to see it on the big screen since I read it over five years ago. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.) 

Oh, and speaking of movies... and back to Melina Marchetta again... what's up with the Jellicoe Road movie? (I have a serious book-to-movie thing going here!)

7) A shirt with a quote from one of my books on it

I don't have an actual shirt like that, obviously, so I made this lame version. But one day... one day I'd love that to be something you could find like, anywhere.

8) An entire bookcase WALL

Found this design HERE

No words necessary, really. Just want one of these at some point in my life. :)

9) An unlimited bank account JUST FOR BOOKS

10) A cute Kindle cover (like this one)

11) THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER (like... now)

The Rose & the Dagger (The Wrath and the Dawn, #2)

And... of course...

Last, but certainly not least...

12) A way to meet/hang out with my favorite characters WHENEVER I WANT (you think a kidney'll make that possible???)


Marie @ Drizzle and hurricane Books said...

I love your list! Everything Evie does is SO pretty, I want to buy EVERYTHING ahha, but that wouldn't be too reasonnable... :P

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Thank you! And yes, I agree... honestly just to get a few of Evie's things would be amazing! :D

Leandra Wallace said...

Great list! I'd love to have one of those candles too. I see so many neat book-related items on the 'net that I'd love to have (especially book quote items), but the good ol' paycheck is always feeling the stretch. =)