New directions

I've found things are now a little different. In the time I left and came back to this blogosphere, things changed and went into different directions. Maybe it's because the people I followed are in different stages of their lives now (as am I), maybe it's because we've finally learned that lurking on here only does so much before our writing is ultimately what suffers, maybe it's because I stayed away so long that no one cares that I am back again.

Regardless of the reasons, I too feel as though my blog needs to go in a different direction. The odd thing is, I almost want to take it back to where it once was. I had this fancy for writing about the every day, for sharing what made me laugh and made cry and made me cringe, and then one day I got in my head that writing for the reader and writing about writing and writing to be the writer out there showing their writing was more important than anything else.

I've come to the realization that I'm never going to be the writer who knows everyone or teaches people things they didn't already know. I do much better hiding and well, writing.

So back to the direction. It's one that is new and yet, is the same one of old. It's the way of sharing what's on my heart (without necessarily giving advice), it's the one that talks about whatever I'm dealing with because us readers and writers are just ordinary persons. It's the one that shares the love of words on the page, the one that eggs people on to read what I've fallen in love with, to explain to me when I don't understand the big deal about something, the one that brags about those I love.

The next few weeks are going to be different--I'm in the process of preparing for the release of Pity Isn't An Option. This won't be an annoying beginning to an even more annoying blog kick that throws PIAO in your face every other day, yet I will be talking about it, because I'm excited. I figure not many people come around these here parts any more anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Enjoy the last few days of 2012. Embrace the ones you love, share in the beauty of memories that is those you have lost, jot down a few things that come to your mind simply to take note of them before this year is over and gone.

Have a wondrous ringing in of the new year, in the way you love to enjoy it. I'm off to research yet another something about self-publishing that I know nothing about, then probably brew some coffee and stay up way later than I should.

His peace to you always,


The gift of giving... in (awesome) recycled book form

December is upon us!  Giving gifts is by far more exciting than receiving them, in my book. I love seeing people's faces as they realize how much thought (or effort, or both) was put into making their gift!

I've been pinning things on Pinterest for a while now, and thought I'd share a few of my favorite cheap and simple, yet neat and crafty gift ideas for the special writers and/or readers in your life. Enjoy, and feel free to share any of your ideas in the comments!

1) Candle in a jar at I Love This... -- a jar covered with a beautiful page of beautiful words!

book page/mason jar candle holder

So simple and yet, so beautiful! You can go to a used book store and purchase a book for hardly anything at all, or keep your eyes peeled for book sales at your local library (sometimes they hold used book sales for fundraisers). Another idea, believe it or not, is They sell very inexpensive classics for under $2. Most people have at least one jar sitting around... and you can buy tealights at your local dollar store!

2) An envelope made of book pages at Vintage with Laces (could be turned into a sachet, decoration, a small gift bag, totally your choice).

sew an envelope from old book pages

Again, it's easy to find used, older books that would look perfectly vintage for this! A little sewing and any kind of beautiful stamp and you're done! (Or, if you prefer not to sew, you can always get two sided tape at your local 99 cent store and use it, instead!)

3) Book business card holder at Morning Creativity.

DIY Book Business Card Holder

This is totally good for both ladies and gents! I can see this on a desk, or at a coffee shop... it would be a neat conversation piece anywhere!

4) DIY makeup bag at Love, Design + Sunshine.

Make this cute make-up bag and how to print on canvas!

This. Is. Awesome. As soon as I saw it, I began to come up with ideas. You can make this for someone who loves to write (with writerly words or quotes from their own book/s); use quotes from a reader's favorite book/s; or, you could even do quotes from favorite movie/s. And if sewing isn't your thing, you can always look around and find a solid-colored, nice-textured plain makeup bag, and write on it!

5) Repurposed book spine bookmarks  at Green Paper:

Bookmarks Out of Old Book Spines

Aren't they awesome? And so easy to make! This is another one I think would work fine for guys or gals!

6) A heart shaped corner bookmark tutorial on youtube by

DIY: heart shaped corner bookmark


7) Rustic book for that special someone from

Rustic Book For Dad {Easy Crafts}

This could be made for anyone-- it could be a journal, you could notate everything you like about that special someone inside, copy down favorite quotes from books they love, and so on! It is definitely a gift that anyone would cherish. (Kids could even compile pictures drawn for that special someone, or write a book for a parent!)

8) Last (but definitely not least), I found a page on Renee's website (Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor) that is chalk-full of a compilation of awesome book craft ideas and where to find them. Here are a few...

So... do you see anything you'd like to give as a gift? How about something you're aching to make for yourself now?

Gifts don't have to cost a lot. As you can see, all of the above items were done with little money, and a lot of TLC. And that's what makes them so special! :)