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(Cozenage, #1)
Release Date: March 8th, 2013

We used to look forward to this time of year. To turkey and stuffed mashed potatoes and cobbler, to standing up and saying what we’re thankful for. But that went away with the draft, and it went away a little more each and every year.

You may not be able to see it, to read it on people’s faces, but this time of year is now the time for saying silent prayers, for crossing fingers, for contemplating doing whatever it is that they can attempt to do to keep their kids from being taken.

Sure, we pretend not to care about it. We pretend we’re excited about the meals we attempt to scrape together with what money we’ve somehow managed to save. At least one person will try at comments of “My, look at that gravy!” and “Wow, cranberry sauce!” but they’re not sincere. We pretend to be in the “holiday spirit”, and that this is a fun time of year. We pretend we have nothing on our minds but the fact that Christmas is on its way.

But we’re lying. All of us know how it really is.

No one cares about foul and gravy and appreciating fallen leaves when the draft has already taken away someone you care about. When, you sit there, chewing your food, silently counting down the days until another one of them has to leave, staring at empty places you know will never again be filled. Fallen leaves, like our family members, whom no one’s ever heard from again. Bare trees, like our lives, stripped clean of most possessions by a President who cares nothing about us.

I bend my knees once, twice, then three times. My legs feel as though they’re going to collapse before my arm has even stretched behind me. This is nonsense, this… whatever it is. I don’t believe it. I don’t feel it, I tell myself. I am going to throw this hatchet. I am going to make my mark and I am going to do it with ease.

No, wait. I am going to be sick.

Seventeen year-old Jonas' blood disorder has taken away everything that matters. Sixteen year-old Hattie's father is losing his marbles. When Jonas' perfectly healthy twin brother and Hattie's crazy dad are drafted into the President's army, Hattie's dad disappears. Jonas and Hattie embark on a journey to find him, and find something they'd lost long ago in the process.


Features: HIJACKED! Wanless Wanderer radio news report
INTERVIEW with Jonas and Hattie

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Music: The Soundtrack to Your Heart | Jonas & Hattie's Theme Songs

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(Flora, #1)
Release Date: January 27th, 2014

Dahlia Kennedy's sixteenth birthday marks a decade of mysterious dahlias arriving and strange, lonely dreams of being in a forest. The only difference this birthday, however, is that for the first time, someone is there with her. And he's practically from a whole other era.

The more often Dahlia visits Rowan in his land of Ambrosia, the stronger their connection grows. But... is Ambrosia real? Is he real? What is going on between the two of them, exactly, and why does he insist that she keep it to herself?

As secrets usually go, however, it's only a matter of time before everything comes out. And when Dahlia finds out the truth of who Rowan is, who she is, and how he really feels -- it’s beyond anything she could have ever imagined.



IF I SPEAK TRUE Book Trailer

All About the Characters—and plants


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Lyrics—Original Songs Written for IF I SPEAK TRUE
| IF I SPEAK TRUE's writing playlist (put together by Jenna from Avid Reader Musings)


(Flora, #1.5)
Release Date: August 5th, 2014

A threat, a missing book, a traitor, and an attack. Even when you choose the light, things aren’t always so black and white when they involve matters of the heart. Rowan has some decisions to make.

Told in Rowan’s point of view, By Sun and Candlelight (Flora, 1.5) gives you a new view into the characters and daily happenings at Castle Lennox and bridges the gap between If I Speak True (Flora, #1) and Open Thy Heart (Flora, #2 — coming this fall).


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(Flora, #2)
Release Date: September 9th, 2014

The secrets just keep coming.

It’s summer in Shaver and, frankly, Dahlia Kennedy is bored. Even though she and Eva are throwing a party for David and she gets to visit Rowan in Ambrosia easier on account of summer hours, it seems like senior year is never going to come. Worse yet, it’s looking like the one thing she’s planned on doing for forever isn’t going to happen.

Cue Dahlia’s Embarrassing Incident: the tipping point that seems to shift everything into a new direction. David’s acting weird. Something happens to Rowan. Dahlia’s forced to ask the least likely person ever for help. A secret is blown wide open.

Conflict between the Lennox Rochforts and the Townsends grows more and more out of control until so much is going on in Ambrosia, Dahlia can barely keep up with life at home. Frustrated with trying to keep track of who knows what, Dahlia continues fighting to help the people she loves, and slowly, the truth is exposed.

Crazy thing is, she had no idea about any of it. And it changes everything she’s ever known.


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