The refreshment that release brings

I just wanted to share how wonderful it is to be at a point where every single query has been tied up into either a rejection or no response folder, and I can look at my outstanding queries and see that it's empty. Things are coming full circle, I am no longer daily looking to my email, hoping for requests; and every day brings me a little closer to PITY being released.

The lack of frustration and anxiety is amazing. His peace is not the world's peace.

Be blessed,



Myrna Foster said...

I think that I'm just about there, but I've been waiting for that moment because there's this really great agent who said she gives priority to exclusive submissions. I haven't sent many queries out yet.

Good luck with whatever it is that you're working toward!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Well that's awesome! It took way longer than it should have to "let go", but let me tell ya... when you finally do, and move on it's such a relief! :)