Your thighs are going to love me: Coffee cake in a mug

Being as my thighs have grown considerably over the past month (reading + writing/editing + eating = thigh "enhancement") and I care about you so much, I figured it was only fair to give you all the same option of thigh growth. (I'm so thoughtful, aren't I? Yes. Yes I know.)

So here's the first in an ongoing installment of


Are you exited? I know I am. :)

The first recipe I decided to share is one I tweeted not that long ago; a 5 minute coffee-cake-in-a-mug recipe that my 13 year-old daughter makes at least a few days a week (mainly for her and Lovemuffin). (Oh--and before I forget--here's a big thank you to bloggers and pinners everywhere for sharing this stuff!)

I'm going to share the link to her recipe (as her post is way funnier than mine would be), followed by one picture from the blog. Her pictures are awesome (notice the owl-dorable mug?)

You have now been fed, and entertained! (You're welcome!)

If you liked this #mugdessert (or have a different one to share) check me out on pinterest! I've been lurking around the interwebs for a while and am slowly racking up a list of quick mug desserts! (See the Food or **gift ideas** boards.)

Have a blessed week, thighs! (And the rest of your body as well...)


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