Lots o' links on how to support your favorite authors

You know that feeling you get as you read the last few words of a favorite book... that feeling where your brain is still absorbing what you've just read, but you already know you want to shout from the rooftops (or yell across the interwebs) that everyone needs to read it right now?

Or maybe you know of a certain author who writes pretty good stuff, but you've never really been sure about how to tell other people about it.

Either way, you will never have to deal with a how-on-earth-to-I-tell-people-about-this-book problem ever again, because I have the solutions below!

See, I thought about writing my own post on how to review and/or rate books online, but then I realized that the internet is already full of helpful posts about spreading author/book love around and figured, why not share those? The best book recommendations I've ever received were the ones that made me jealous to have the same great reading experience as the person who told me about it.

And... viola! Here are a smidgeon of the many helpful posts I've come across, all in one place for future reference. :)

by Chuck Sambuchino (@ChuckSambuchino) on Writer Unboxed

by Jody Hedlund (@JodyHedlund) at Author, Jody Hedlund

*neat for someone who could use a step-by-step example to navigating Amazon.com
by D. M. Andrews at Creative Conflict 

by John Kremer (@JohnKremer) at Bookmarketing Bestsellers

How to Write a Book Review on Amazon 
*this is actually helpful for a review on any site 
by Katherine Lowry Logan (@KathyLLogan) at kathrinelowrylogan.com

by agent Rachelle Gardner (@RachelleGardner) on Books & Such

**For people who have just boarded the Goodreads train 
on Goodreads (@goodreads)



LTM said...

Great links! Thanks so much, Jessica! :o) <3

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Welcome!!! :D