I got the bug.

So over the past few days I got the bug again.  Finally.  I was starting to get a bit worried, I will admit.  Life is time-consuming, and with so many things needing fixing in my WiP, I was feeling overwhelmed.

But a little time off has done wonders.  My house was clean...for a millisecond.  And I cleaned out a lot of places that had been stuffed full of anything and everything for over the past year or so.  Enough to fill two trash cans.  Talk about feeling empowered.  

Speaking of empowered, that's the perfect word to explain how it feels when you have gotten something accomplished in your writing.  It could be thinking of a new scene, or funny dialogue, or even just watching the word tally go up as you type along on the keyboard.  This time my writing bug gave me all of the above.  It was refreshing.  And now I'm on a roll again, with ideas popping into my head at the strangest times of the day.  I love it.  

One of the things that started my writing up again was music.  We writers use many different tools to get us in the "zone".   When I'm in a slump, I go searching for new songs.   Songs I can rock out to, songs that make me sad, songs with words that make me think.  I blare them in my car, play them as I do laundry, listen to them over and over again until my kids know all of the words right along with me.  And it never fails... within a few days I've got feelings and ideas flowing through my veins again.  So here's to music, for giving me the writing bug.


Sierra Godfrey said...

Congrats, Jessica! Great to hear. And I love that you bounded back--trust yourself!

Anita said...

When I saw the title of your post, I thought you were sick. And when I saw the word "finally," I thought, "Is that the only way she can get a break - to get sick?"
THEN, I read "WiP" and got back on track. I must be hearing "swine flu" TOO much these days. :)

I'm happy that you're having a burst of creative energy!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

LOL Anita - yes, too much swine flu for sure, it's everywhere! (But luckily, not in my house!)