Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

I miss you blog, I really do.
Haven't been on here much, it's true.
I'm just so busy, how 'bout you?
When's my next post? I have no clue.

The thing at the school is keeping me busy.
In fact, these past few days, I've actually felt dizzy!
Everything should calm down by the end of the month.
(I couldn't think of a rhyme, my brain's gone all fizzy.)

Until I can post about my writing once again,
The least I can do is check in now & then.
So here I am, doing fine -- and my writing's been...
Well let's just say that it's been.  

Been waiting, been on the back burner, been lonely, been begging for some attention.  (And I'm obviously out of practice because that poem was atrocious!)  There's a lot going on around here at the moment, but as things pop into my head I'm jotting them down.  One person I've wanted to receive feedback from will finally have time to read/critique my WiP in the next two weeks or so, and then hopefully I will be off and running again, and maybe even finalizing the entire thing. (One can hope.)

I just remembered... I did do one writing-involved thing the other day...I entered Nathan Bransford's contest.  Just for fun.  I can't wait to see who he chooses...most entries were far more interesting than mine;)  (And at the insane rate of contest entries he's receiving, I think it will take him quite a while to read through all of them!)

I miss the time-consuming aura of constantly writing and typing -- and can't wait to get back to that very soon...but I will say, I don't miss the writer's bottom or crooked neck. So until I can post on here again, my readers, I will leave you with a neat poem by Judith Pordon -


Beautiful blank pages 
kiss our 
with backgrounds 
that demand precision. 

Our black letters cross 
on tightrope lines, 
without wavering 
across deep, invisible currents. 

These beautiful blank pages 
are promises of our 
Our gentlest strokes 
of darkness upon light.


Anita said...

Hello Jessica, I was wondering about you!

Thanks for all the poety. :) And also for introducing me to the two conditions of "writer's bottom and crooked neck." Hadn't heard those.

Got any terms for my wrist that is wearing then on my desk or my hand that is forming the shape of the mouse. :)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Oh Anita...I know the wrist condition quite well too. We'll have to think up a term for that one (something funnier than carpel tunnel)!