Flip flop fail

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In keeping with my blogging roll, I decided to blog today even though I had nothing planned (and should have thought ahead about this over the weekend).  I will warn you though - today's post has nothing to do with writing.

"What?"  You say.  "Are you crazy?  But how will we survive without your awesome tips?"

Ah, but I know you will make it, my friends.  How do I know this?  Well the main reason is because nothing I ever blog about is going to make that big of difference.  I share my thoughts, little tips, and quotes here and there, but in the grand scheme of things, those little thrown tidbits I throw out probably disappear in the blogosphere faster than I can trip and smash my face into a door.

Speaking of smashing my face into a door, that's what I did today.  Yep.  My walking up steps was an epic fail.  I've been kicking myself for not having the girls follow me around with a camcorder ever since.  I could have been rich I tell ya, rich.

You see, the face plant I did in my own front yard this evening was priceless.  Somehow it happened in the few seconds of the day when no one walks or drives by (quite a small window, no less), and my next door neighbor, who seconds before was outside in his driveway, was being distracted in his house by my husband.  This was no small feat (not walking up steps, keep reading guys), me hiding my klutziness from the neighborhood like this.  And after dodging everyone's eyes, I managed to not only catch my flip flop on the porch and fly into the front door face first, but keep my glasses on while eating my own lip.

That's talent, people.  And the glasses didn't break, either, not one bit.  My shoulder blades felt like they were coming out of my skin, my neck like someone had crushed it.  But I checked those glasses, because they were expensive, and being as pretty much everything that can go wrong usually does, I was shocked when there wasn't so much as a scratch on the lenses.

My lip, on the other hand?  Not so lucky.  I tweeted a picture of it, because after the girls figured out they shouldn't be laughing at at a time like this, and kid #3 informed me of my blood dripping on the floor, I realized there was no one else I'd rather share my misfortune with than you guys, my internetal friends.

I hope you feel lucky.  I know I do, sitting here late in the evening, the usual sight of the keyboard being blocked by my big fat lip.  Okay so it's not *that* big.  But it does keep catching my eye, sticking out like it is, and my brain won't stop telling me to close my mouth, and then I realize I've already closed it.  Strange how the eyes mess with you like that.

So writing will have to go on all day tomorrow, while I recover from my injury.   I'm not about to go out in public.  (No toilet paper?  Sorry kids.  Tear up those paper towels, or something.)  That's another reason I'm blogging at the moment, because I'm quite sure when I wake up in the morning I won't be able to lift my arms, due to the intense impact the steadfast door made on my shoulders.

I thought about using this experience in one of my WiP's, but I'm not sure I'd be able to make it hilarious.  Too much pain involved.  You know how it is.

Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday.  Wednesday's post will be a simple breakdown of writer lingo, to make things a bit clearer for my unwriterly friends =)


Some Screaming Fangirl said...

Ouch. Sorry about the face-plant. I'll pray for you lip.

Cassandra Frear said...

This sounds like something I would do.

Kerrie said...

So sorry about your lip. :(

Susie Talbot said...

You are a stitch! Did you need one? Hoping your lip is back to normal.

Travener said...

I hope the door is OK.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, no! Well, at least your glasses came out unharmed. :) Hope your lips looks better soon.

Anita said...

Yes! Your thoughts and tips do make a difference. They get stored in my brain - somewhere - and come out when necessary...although I may not remember how it got in my brain.

How's that lip? Isn't it amazing how vain we are, even in the midst of possibly being maimed. :)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Hey all...

I'm almost back to normal now. Little scab on the ol' lip (it's still getting a few double takes when I go out in public) but the swelling is almost completely down and the bruising underneath is healing well! My neck is still stiff/sore, but the main issue I'm dealing with is a sore jaw, because when I eat it, I eat it BIG! lol