Catching up

It's been over a year since my last post. There's no way to get everyone caught up as to what's gone on since then without writing a book, so for now I think the best thing to do is simply state where I'm at, and move on.

1) Lovemuffin was healed, totally and completely, from Evans Syndrome and ITP--the last time he took any meds whatsoever was July of 2011.

2) This was not a medical healing, done by doctors. We went that route. He even had his spleen removed. It failed.

3) We began to lean on and claim the truths in the Word that Jesus had already taken Andy's disease on the cross. We received communion every day ("as often as you think of me...") and claimed that by our Savior's stripes, he was healed.

4) Lovemuffin has not been to the doctor since. The Lord has held his blood; and he has not had any symptoms. In fact, he's healthier now than he was the first 14 years that we were married. We rejoice daily in the love of our Heavenly Father--an unconditional love (thanks to Jesus' finished work on the cross) that is there for all who believe in Him to hold onto and soak up.

5) A lot of writerly things have happened in that amount of time.

6) And yet, when I say a lot has happened, I don't really have much to tell.

So, there you go. Caught up on over a year's worth of news in a matter of a few bullet points. As I said, the amount of time that has passed is too much to cover on a more in-depth level. And truly, that's not why I'm back. I'm back on here because I am finally at the point where I can blog again. (Not consistently, because, to be honest, that drains way too much away from other things that need to be done.)

As Lovemuffin was going through his things with health, I was accepting horrible accusations and thoughts regarding my writing skills. I had gotten so low that (and this something I've never told anyone) I thought I completely sucked. Some time before that, a writer friend of mine sent me a mug with some absolutely wonderful writerly words (quite inspirational--you know who you are, my friend!) and I could not even look at the thing. At all. I kept it hidden, in my closet, for a YEAR, so I wouldn't have to look at the lies of what I knew that I was not. Because I really had begun to believe that I was THAT terrible. I was done. I was ready to give up.

Lovemuffin's sickness was a blessing to our family. Through the entire process of him being healed and us being spiritually restored, I came to see that, even when you don't think the Lord is doing anything in your life, He is. Sometimes, you just aren't paying attention. There's a bigger story in that, and I intend on covering it soon. It has to do with life and writing and the way, so many times, they become intertwined.

For any of you who actually remember me (it has been quite a while since I last blogged), over the next few weeks I'm going to peruse posts and see how things have been going for you all. I can't wait to rejoice with those who've leapt over the previous part of your writing journey, and are now at the next step. And for those of you still clicking away, I totally get where you're at, as well. If I learned anything this whole time about writing, I learned that those who are here, helping everyone along the way with encouraging words, are also the ones who need it themselves. :)

My first post will probably be next week--but I thought I'd bring the subject up now, so everyone could think about their answer and/or share their own experiences. Regarding genres, sometimes the story put on your heart to share isn't a story that fits perfectly between the lines. Sometimes, it overlaps a few categories. And we all know how often our stories take on a mine of their own. So here's my question to think about:

When your MS/WIP isn't one specific genre, what do you do? (Say you need a specific label for queries, for instance.) Do you take the one more obvious, and not mention the other elements? OR do you combine two or three together, and own it when you're explaining the plot?

I can't wait to hear what others have done (or seen other authors do) -- make sure to also share when it has and hasn't worked for you!

Until then, keep on writing, my friends! Be blessed!



Steve Finnell said...

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Esperanto said...

Wow. I really needed to read this today. Thank you. I also returned to blogging after having been away a long time....and I also have struggled with those failure feelings (I shouldn't have put that in the past tense...I still struggle). I also see the writing / querying / submitting process as a spiritual exercise, and it's interesting that I can relate so well to this post, though I am not a Christian. Your words were comforting in many ways. Much happiness to you re: your family's health.

Anita said...

I'm glad you're back Jessica! This is evidence of all you compacted into your bullets; that you and your family have come out of the storm and getting back to bigger and better things.

I am happy that the faith of your family and the blessings of God have led to your husband's healing.

As for writing, you may recall that I only write on my blog - maybe a manuscript in the future - hmmm... However, I can still relate to your question about genres. Many blogs stick with one topic; like photography, journaling home life, budgeting money, reviewing books, etc.

When someone asks me what my blog is about, I really can't say. lol It contains numerous thoughts on different aspects of life. It started with more personal stories, but when I branched out with posts about panhandling, brestfeeding, tattoos, etc., I noticed more passion in my readers in that they really wanted to express their opinions.

Still, some prefer stories about home life and my children - I can tell, because it is when they comment; new moms in particular.

Sooo... it is mixed up.

Good luck to you as you present your work. I hope the critics will accept the whole you and not pidgeonhole you.

Happy Thankgiving!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Empty refrigerator: I have no idea how I missed your comment there! Thank you so much for the well wishes regarding our health... now that we stand on our Lord's finished work on that cross and claim it as our own we have seen health more abundantly than ever before! :)

Isn't it nice to know that, as a writer, you aren't alone? I think the enemy comes at us with accusations no matter what our love/profession, but as writing is normally such a lonely one (unless you're quite extroverted, which normally isn't the case for writers--it certainly isn't for me) it's so much easier to see things all over the internet and announcements of deals and people being accepted for submissions (to wherever) and how to write blog posts and contests and within a bit of time, we begin to look at ourselves and analyze everything we do with a fine-tooth comb. Then we forget that yes, we do have talent and yes, our hearts DID have something to tell and yes, someone out there DOES want to read our work and NO we do not suck!

So I am glad this post spoke to you--that was my intention! Don't allow those feelings to harbor you from what you love. Look back to how you felt when you began and see how far you've come; what you've accomplished. Let that love and excitement wash over you once again, and move on!

Be blessed!


Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...
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Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...
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Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

I don't know why my comments keep getting triple posted! :(


Thank you for your well wishes. I am pretty sure that I am at the point where publishing on my own eliminates the whole pigeonhole thing... it just stinks for writers because writing what you love doesn't always work out as well as you think. But God has a plan, and it's His grace and power that will cause it to get to whom He wants. Ultimately, that's the whole point. It's not about me, but about who He wants to touch with those words! :)

Regarding your blog, I think sharing your loves are what makes one enjoyable. So if you have expanded into more personal things, that will only help readers to connect to you more. And that's always a good thing, is it not? :)

You have a blessed Thanksgiving as well,