Blog stop updates, Latvia, BRUISER review & more

Somehow I got behind on the blog stops this week and there are three to share today! :)

First, yesterday PIAO was at  Izz "Pingle"Bookish Place (link) with excerpt #1.

Second, Jonas and Hattie made it out of the US and all the way over to Maija's blog, Bookish Randomness in Latvia, Europe (link)! After Maija informed me where it was exactly, I had to check it out!


Pretty cool, right? I mean, they go on a little journey themselves, but that's nothing compared to Europe (see Finland above Latvia, a bit?) ;) I believe there's an excerpt there, too.

Third, Hattie's excerpt is up today over at Sara in Bookland's blog. (link) I'm noticing almost all of these ladies also have birds on their blog designs... coincidence? I think not!!! ;)

I also have a book review of BRUISER by Neal Shusterman (he's written Unwind, UnWholly, the Everlost series, and a whole lot of other books) over at Afterglow Book Reviews. BRUISER was a GREAT book! (link) There were lots of laughing and tears... as with all of Neal's books, it's going to stick with me for a while.


Last, I thought I'd do another little teaser and share a new photo from PIAO's Pinterest board:


There's a pivotal scene that takes place near Hattie's gran's mailbox (for those of you who have the paperback, it's the back cover excerpt). This view here seemed so perfect for how I imagined things to look in Wanless (though, technically, there'd be a little less grass and more dirt).

Happy Wednesday! :)



Katrina L. Lantz said...

Is Wanless a real place? It feels so real. I tried to look it up on google maps and there were a couple states with something called Wanless. In Illinois, there's a Wanless Elementary. I was just wondering where the name came from. Love the mailbox picture! I can almost see Hattie's cotton fields from here!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

No, Katrina, it is not. I did base it on an area near where I live here in the Central Valley of Cali (aka, near Fresno), closer to the mountains. I grew up in a teeny town known for cotton (Corcoran) and a BIG cotton guy named J. G. Boswell (more on him on my "for my readers tab"). We have tons of farming towns all around us, and there is a real Lake Success here, which I studied in the process of writing PIAO. Wanless actually came from searching for a word that meant the lack of hope! And regarding the cotton field, ME TOO! ;)