June is audiobook month!

I just realized today that June is audiobook month (which is cool, as Pity Isn't An Option is currently being made into one--did I mention how exciting this is? I have? Oh. Right.) when I was reading a post on Page Turners' Blog titled: Five Reasons Why Audiobooks Are Great For Students. (I personally LOVE audiobooks and can't wait to add more to my library.) Recently, my younger two and I spent a few weeks of driving back and forth to school (it's kinda far away) listening to the YA book, IF YOU FIND ME by Emily Murdoch. (UGH! Good recommendation for audio, by the way, if you have teens. Even Lovemuffin was enthralled when he was in the car!)

Anyway. The five reasons listed are great, which leads me to my point: summer is the perfect time for audiobooks, as many families are on the road a lot! And if not vacationing/traveling, a lot of time is spent in the house doing chores or crafts, ect. and audiobooks are the perfect for that! So, I wanted to share Page Turners' post, because

1) THE BOOK THIEF is so good (and is being made into a movie, you know, so of course you have to read/hear it first)

2) The other two books look good, too

3) Any time we can encourage students to read is a GOOD time, right?


4) Librarians and teachers receive an extra entry, and that's just awesome!

Check out Stacey's five reasons why audiobooks are great for students and enter the giveaway HERE

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