New blog schedule/features for 2014 + this week's writerly news

A post? On a Saturday? Whoaz.

I know I lagged a bit the past two weeks with posts (sorry guys), but the IIST blog tour had just ended and I was quite social all over the interwebs that whole time and frankly, I was plumb out of words. (I know. I didn't think that could happen, either.) The good news is, in that time, I was able to go over my blog and come up with some new features for the year that I think ya'll are going to love! (Including a monthly DVD giveaway! WHAT.)

A quick breakdown...

My main thing is that I'm going to do a monthly theme (uh, er... starting in March, obviously). This won't be super-obvious or anything, but one or two features I do and the DVD featured that month and, at times, the other new thing (getting to that in a moment, please be patient, darlings... here snack on this cookie until I get there) will all loosely correspond with one another. Here's how it'll look:

First Monday of the Month:

DVD announcement & beginning of Rafflecopter giveaway

Second Monday of the Month:

Book cover feature

Last Monday of the month 
(here it is now, thank you for your patience):

Reader Interviews!!!

I had a lot of fun doing the one with Kate Tilton recently, and decided it would be fun do continue doing them once a month. And, ya'll are so awesome that I've almost booked the entire year already! *throws coffee bean confetti*

So that's my main new thing. I'm still going to do the occasional Top Ten Tuesdays and/or Teaser Tuesdays, still doing Waiting on Wednesdays, still doing writerly news on Fridays. But my Mondays are going to get a whole lot more exciting. :) And I'm hoping that you guys will have fun interacting and we can share stuff that goes with each month's theme, and also that you guys will like the classic movies I'm bringing back (or want to experience them yourself for the first time). 

And.. that's it! I could tell you other stuff (like the fact that I now have a tab UP THERE where you can order signed paperbacks or that I'm currently on my second coffee of the morning or that I'm getting ready to watch Romeo and Juliet and know I'll probably wish I'd also bought the Leo/Clare Danes version) but it is Saturday, which means we all have a lot going on. So bye! Have fun doing whatever it is you gotta do!

Have a blessed weekend, guys (and see you Monday with the first reader interview of 2014)!

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