This week's writerly news: OTH cover reveal info -- and a new favorite show

Happy weekend! How's summer treating everyone? I'm so excited to announce that Open Thy Heart's (Flora, book 2) cover will be revealed on July 14th! Woohoo! To celebrate, I ordered Flora bookmarks, which should be in soon. (If you'd like some, let me know and I'll send some out.) I can't wait to share the new cover with all of you! 

And since I really *can't* wait, here's a teeny bit of the photo to tide (pun not intended, but well, that worked out well, didn't it?) you over until Hafsah shares it at IceyBooks:

Tiniest clue ever


The only one going on is June's #JLBgivesawayaDVD of Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, which, suprisingly, doesn't seem to be that popular. (I CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS.) It ends very soon, so if you're interested in entering, go HERE. Recently, I held a vote on my Facebook page and it's been decided that next month's is She's the Man, so of course I'm excited.

Can we say spider scene
It's been pretty busy around here, what with construction going on up and down our street (the city has been replacing underground piping, so for days during the daytime we were without water--boy was that fun), my 8th grader's grad party last weekend (Yay! So glad that's finally done), and other things. Then, yesterday, we decided (okay, my now freshman decided, and I had to help or she would have gone crazy and never gotten done) to repaint one of our bathrooms. We happened to have an entire can of paint never used from when we re-did the kitchen last year and I purchased too green of a color (it was supposed to be blue), so that's what we used. (Free paint = justifiable new shower curtain purchase. Hoorah!) 

It's quite cheery. Perhaps it will encourage
the girls to get up earlier when school

starts up again? Yeah right.

I haven't really watched TV (totally normal for me, as Arrow was all I really watched), but last night my oldest (a junior now, GOODNESS) showed me a new show called The Pool Master on Animal Planet and I am SO HOOKED. (I mean, if you like Treehouse Masters, you're going to LOVE this one. I'm not sure the guys are as enjoyable to watch, but who cares, the end result was beautiful.) In fact, don't take my word for it. You must watch the commercial of the first one, HERE. (SEE!)

the pool master
The Pool Master himself.

Recently, snack-wise, for kid #3's party we (ahem--I) decided we should make caramel apples, and learned that, yes, homemade ones are JUST AS TASTY as the ones from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. You seriously just buy the caramel bits, melt them in a pot, dip the apples, and add your favorite stuff for them to roll in (my favorite is Butterfinger). And they last in the fridge for a few days at least!

And... well... that's pretty much all that's been going on here. How have you been doing?

Have a blessed weekend, everybody!

Oh and P.S.... next week's Reader Interview will be The Geeky Chiquitas! Can't wait for them to be here!

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