July's #JLBgivesawayaDVD: She's the Man

YOU GUYS. I am so excited about this month's giveaway. SOOOOO excited. (Thanks to those of you who voted on Facebook!)

If you were born under a rock and HAVE NOT seen this movie, here's the trailer:

There are so, so many things about this movie that I wanted to share, but my post would be SO long that I'm just going to break it down like this:

1) The lines. They're gold, guys. 

2) The spider scene.

3) You'll never look at gouda the same way again. Or the point of high heels.

4) There's a proper gif from She's the Man to suit every single situation in your entire life. I do not kid. (Especially the funny ones.)

5) She's the Man is actually a retelling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (the main character names and a few other things even stay true to the play). 

6) Channing Tatum and Robert Hoffman star in this movie with Amanda Bynes... 

like my horrible screen shot?

but they *also* BOTH starred in Step Up 2: The Streets. (SEE? That's Robert, aka Justin, from She's the Man, below, on the left, too.) Not that they really have any scenes together (well one kinda is, although they don't interact), but STILL. (Think on this as you watch She's the Man. You'll appreciate Robert Hoffman even more now.)

Hmmmm maybe this should
be the next giveaway!

7) If you love behind the scenes info and stuff like me (and have ALREADY seen the movie), here's a fun look at continuity issues (I love this stuff) you may or may not have noticed.

Anyhoo. Here's the movie poster (you gotta read the blurb):

And here's the Rafflecopter. Feel free to come back often to enter! :D I can't WAIT to see who wins!!! 

Quick note: as a mom of three (now older) girls, I'm saying upfront that this movie is NOT for younger audiences who might be influenced by the characters' actions. There are a few things they do/say that you wouldn't want to condone little ones (or anyone, really) doing, especially if they act out what they see. I'm keeping this contest at 13+ but requiring permission from parent/legal guardian from anyone under sixteen years old so as not to offend anyone.

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Angelica R. Jackson said...

I've never seen that! Now I'll have to see if I can stream it. :)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

WHAT. Angelica... you must. It's just one of those teen movies that sticks with you!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this movie! I don't own it, though, so I'm definitely entering the giveaway. :) Thank you!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Yay, Kaitlin! You're welcome! :D