August's #JLBgivesawayaDVD is a #mermaid movie: Aquamarine

Considering summer break is coming to an end and there are soooo many mermaid books out there in YA right now, I decided this month's #JLBgivesawayaDVD is Aquamarine! SQUEEEEE

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If you've never watched this movie before, you're missing out. Not only are the main three actresses great (Emma Roberts, JoJo Levesque, and Sara Paxton), but this movie is full of laugh-out-loud moments and great lines. Like:

Hailey: We begin where every girl starts with her first crush - we call him.
Aquamarine: Call him? What? What?. No, I can't. What am I supposed to say to him?
Hailey: Nothing. We just call and hang up. We do it all the time.
Aquamarine: Why?
Hailey: I don't know. It's just what you do.


Claire: [about why they can't get Ray's attention] Well, all these articles say we've been way too available. We need to be more coy.
Hailey: We are so coy, he barely knows we exist.

Ha ha. Yep, they're coy, all right. Poor dears.

Oh, and did I mention Weezer's Island in the Sun is also on here? (I mean... WEEZER! AND... MERMAIDS!)

As always, I have to share the trailer, so here it is:

I mean... are you excited? I am so excited!!!!

And here is the Rafflecopter! Spread the word, you guys! :D

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Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA said...

I saw this on cable one day and didn't expect to like it, but it was much better than I expected!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Yes, I think it's pretty cute! :)