#DIY #Bookish Gift (ideas) 2014

It's my third annual DIY bookish gifts post! (This was supposed to go up yesterday. My bad!) I've been meaning to make some of these for months, now... Maybe I'll have time during Christmas break! Enjoy, and make sure to pin the ones you love to your Pinterest board/s so you can easily find them later! :)  

1) Bookish letters:

3) My favorite! Book page votives:

4) Book/photo suitcase:

5) Book pockets

and last...

6) For hardcore book lovers: Name that Book game

What to do with library books that are falling apart and have lost pages? Cut them up for a name-that-book contest! Here's ASHFALL in a jar created by Melissa at the Pike High School library in Indianapolis:

So... what do ya think? Have you tried any of these before? Click HERE for 2013 and 2012's posts if you're looking for more ideas! :D Have a blessed weekend!

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