This week's writerly news: new favorite writing songs + a #Whole30 recipe

This week's *actual* writerly news is... pretty much non-existent! ;D The girls have been on break for three weeks now, so the environment just hasn't been all that conducive to writing. I've gotten lots of *other* stuff done, though, so that's nice. Really looking forward into diving into some stuff Monday!

I've been doing Whole30 for almost two months now, so the yummy sweet recipes I usually shared before taking a break from the writerly news posts are a thing of the past for now, but I am TOTALLY in love with this Grilled Chicken Shawarma (and the Israeli salad, too) at the moment. So fresh, and natural! (And the shawarma seasoning works great on steaks, as well!)


Moondust (Stripped):

I'll Be Good

Currently listening (over and over) to Jaymes Young's I'll Be Good and Moondust (Stripped & also the original version). Jaymes Young's voice is like velvet. Got so many great scenes in my head now! *melts to the floor* 


#JLBgivesawayanINDIENext month I'll be starting up #JLBgivesawayanINDIE. I'm very excited about the photo-a-day challenges and giveaway (and just highlighting authors in general), so if you're interested in participating as a reader/blogger, feel free to check out THIS POST and sign out the form before it closes.

Waiting on Wednesday:

This week's WoW was Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler's Army. I'm a sucker for WWII YA (I mean, hello, CODE NAME VERITY, ROSE UNDER FIRE, and TAMAR: A NOVEL OF ESPIONAGE, PASSION AND BETRAYAL are some of my favorite books), and knowing this story is true (click the link and read "about the author") just made it even more special. Also, I was just approved to read an e-ARC of it, so YAY!

Ships and OTPs:

The Flora characters have recently been listed in a few places, which I thought was cool (thanks, guys)! You can check them out below:

* OTP of the year (!!!): Rowan and Dahlia at Genie in a Book

* BRO-TP (ha ha): Briscoe and Rowan at life_love_fandoms

* Friend"ships": Dahlia and David at life_love_fandoms 

Have a blessed weekend! :)

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