So much writerly news this week, just come on over for coffee.

I'm alive! (Okay, I'm sure you already knew that, but I've refrained from doing the past few Friday writerly news posts because a) it's been crazy around here and b) honestly, I felt like I was bugging people with them!) 

I have lotssss to say, so grab something sweet and a mug, and get comfy! 

*pours you coffee* 

First off, Tiny and I are celebrating!

Please ignore Tiny's wig. We've been dancin' it up to
Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband all morning.

WHY are we celebrating, you ask? Well...

Writerly News: If I happened to be doing this post in proper, I'll-get-you-to-read-the-entire-post-first-before-giving-you-the-news social media fashion, I wouldn't share this until the very end of the post. But I know ya'll are busy and, if you're like me, skim because there's so much to read on the interwebs and (so little time to do it), so here it is....

I have a title for Cozenage #2. 

There are six words in the title, (yes, the title comes straight from a line in the book, as usual) and they totally encompass the storyline and I just can't explain how excited I am. *almost spills coffee* 

FYI, those of you who've subscribed to my e-newsletter (the subscribe link is over there to the right on the sidebar), you will find out a few days sooner. (I'll also be doing something different in regard to ARCs for book two via my newsletter: sending out actual advanced readers copies to about 30 people. ARCs won't be coming out for months from now, mind you, I'm just trying to plan ahead--so if you might be interested in reading/reviewing an ARC, I suggest subscribing, too.) The announcement will go up on April 1st, but do know that it is the real deal and I'm not pranking anyone (Tiny tried to talk me into it, but I gave him some peanut butter and told him to shut it). Normally, I'd put it up on Friday the 3rd, but the blog will be taken over for a couple of days. Which brings me to my next announcement... 

YA Scavenger Hunt: I'm happy to report that I'll be participating in the Spring 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt! There are a TON of authors participating (8 teams with 20 authors on each team) which = a TON of books up for grabs! I'm on Team Pink:

Yes, that's Cozenage, #1, Pity Isn't An Option, right there! Seeing it makes me even more excited about book two! 

I'll be sharing the other seven teams with you next week! :)

SCAVENGER DEETS: 2015's Spring YA Scavenger hunt is Thursday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 5th. To learn about how the hunt works, GO HERE. To find out the latest info as stuff is updated, follow YA Scavenger Hunt on Twitter HERE or Facebook HERE.


In celebration of IceyDesigns settling on a business brand and starting up a blog, Hafsah, the creator of IceyDesigns (and co-blogger at IceyBooks) is throwing a pretty cool giveaway. This lady is mad-talented (she's designed all of my Flora and Cozenage series covers, and my entire blog, as well) and I send everyone looking for design her way, because she rocks! Read about how she created her brand and enter the giveaway to win either a $100 credit toward design or $50 Barnes and Noble gift card, HERE

I was going to tell you guys about the lack of a #JLBGivesawayanINDIE for March and what's coming up for April, but I think that's more than enough to read this week, so look for it next Friday. WHEW!

Have a blessed weekend!

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