Join the #HolidayCRAMATHON read-a-thon Nov. 22 through Dec. 13!

Recently, as I was working on my ongoing book wish list, I came to the realization that I'd acquired a lot of books in the past couple of months. With NetGalley being awesome, #booksfortrade being stinking awesome, being so stinking awesome, and Lovemuffin getting me a B&N gift card for my birthday (because HE's awesome), I ended up with quite the collection in a very short amount of time. O.0

Not that I'm complaining--that would be crazy, of course--but it was then that I came to the very logical conclusion that I can't justify getting any more books (or have room for any more, come Christmas, either), if I don't get my tush in gear, and READ SOME STUFF.

I then decided to give myself a goal of reading 20 books before Christmas... and checked the calendar.

Time was running out!

*insert hands-to-cheeks emoji here*

Naturally, my next move was to tweet out a call to fellow #booklove-ers. Was anyone else needing to get caught up? Would anyone like to join?

Some of you were, and did... and one thing led to another, and we came up with the

(Or, if you're my spell check, the "Holiday Cremation". Womp womp.)

Feel free to share this wherever... and if you'd like the HTML for the above image, let me know, and I'll send it to ya. 
Now, some of you have asked if this is going to be a serious signup thing... and the answer is, no, not  really. This is all about having fun and spending as much time as possible reading. 

Therefore, a simple post will go up here on the blog the day it starts (Sunday, the 22nd), with the option to share a link to your blog, or Facebook post, or Instagram, or wherever you post/will be posting your books or updates, so we can all stay in touch and encourage one another to keep on keepin' on!

Not to mention, it's fun to see what others are reading, because it

a) spreads the #booklove

b) spreads the #authorlove


 c) helps us add more books to our TBRs!!!! (Which we totally need, of course.)

SO. There ya go. The plan. A Holiday Cram-a-Thon, yo.

Feel free to share this around the interwebs if you'd like... Or come back Sunday, and share it then.

Be blessed!

Jessica / @coffeelvnmom


Lucy said...

Count me in!! Sounds fun plus I need to read 10 more books to reach my goal <3 Love your blog btw, soooo cute!!

Unknown said...

This girl is in

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Thanks, Lucy! :)

Samantha: WOOT!

katie said...

I've only read 86 of the 102 books I aimed to read this year, so it looks like I have some catching up to do. ;)