#TopTenTuesday: Top 10 TV Shows I Wish Hadn't Been Cancelled

It's been a while since I blogged. (Since before summer started, I think. Yeah, I know. That's pretty bad.) Since a lot has been going on, I've been focusing on the proper/best ways to spend my time. But when I saw this week's TtT theme (TV)--thanks The Broke and The Bookish!!!--I had to jump on board, because who doesn't want to share some of their favorite shows? I've even linked each show to IMDB for your convenience. :D (Pretty sure many of you will not have heard of at least a few of these--feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.)

(in no particular order)

1.  Kidnapped

Lovemuffin and I were really into this show. You never knew what was going to happen, and each show led you a little closer to figuring out why someone was... kidnapped. (Surprise!) And then, the show just... stopped at the end of season uno. Season ones love us, but seasons two tend to hate us. BOO.


2.  Hellcats

Aly Michalka? Ashely Tisdale? And a bunch of other great people? It was a) college, not high school b) cheerleading and c) so much dang drama that I could. not. get enough. I still mourn the loss of this one every once in a while. :( And if you're keeping track, this is show number two I liked that was cancelled after one season.

(Good news! You can watch Hellcats season one at CW's Seed.)

3.  Lie to Me

This entire premise was great. I felt like I learned something every episode! Being able to tell whether people are lying based on body language? Perfect! Plus the actors were A+. Lovemuffin and I loved Tim Roth, I LOVE Kelli Williams, and the cast was lovely and, as usual, we didn't know we were watching the last season and didn't have time to prepare ourselves.  :(

4.  October Road

This show ended after... two seasons. It had a GREAT cast (Bryan Greenberg as Nick, Laura Prepon, Evan Jones, and so many other wonderful people), and here was the premise:

An author returns to his hometown to face the people whom he based his book on.


Drama + author + great cast + small town = a Jonathan Tropper book--oh wait, there is that, but this was supposed to equal OCTOBER ROAD.

I don't know how many people even know about this one. But still.

My birthday is coming up. I say this because this post has reminded me how much I need a DVD set.

5.  Journeyman

Yes. Journeyman. Allow me to introduce you:







It took a few episodes to get into this one, but then, I was STUCK. Remember that whole, season-two-hates-us thing? I may not have come across this show until recently (it came out in 2007), but I AM SO UPSET that it ended after one season. In fact, the fans were so upset at the time, that they PETITIONED for this one season to be put on DVD. (It still hasn't been. Thinking I found the motherload of someone's collection, I, uh, accidentally ordered shady copies. OOPS.)

(Would Kevin still have been on Grey's, had this done well? Or would this show have still been going on? Who knows!)

6.  About a Boy

First things first: MINNIE DRIVER!

Also: Based on a Book (which was also a movie!)

Also also: great neighbor guy who makes bad choices but is totes (mostly) there for neighbor kid! What's not to like?

2 seasons; then whack. (TV executive people you are very, very mean.)

7.  The Finder

An Iraq war vet suffers a brain injury that triggers the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated events, objects or people.

This wasn't one of my favorite favorites, but I was starting to get into it when it was axed. Maybe one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was because of Geoff Stults (*cough* October Road alumni *cough*). Ask me how many seasons it got??? ONE.

8.  Boston Public

People forget about this show. Yes, it was created by David E. Kelly., the same guy who created the more famous Boston Legal (and The Practice, and Ally McBeal...) But this one, I felt, had more heart. Plus a wonderful cast. (Seriously. Go to that little link up there and check out all of the great peeps. I'll wait.) And great episodes. And it was in high school but you didn't feel like YOU were a student.

Was I a little more attached to this show because I went into labor whilst watching it? Mayyyybe. Regardless, after four seasons, I was sad to see it go.

9.  Las Vegas

Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to people shows. This was yet another one of those. But once I did (JOSH DUHAMEL!), I got all into the drama, and then (TOM SELLECK!!), suddenly, everything stopped.

What the what, NBC?

10.  Life as We Know It


Okay, yes, I'm being a little dramatic, especially since...

Confession: I've never even seen this. I found out about it years ago and have been kicking myself in the pants ever since for having no idea that it existed. You've got Missy Peregrym (Stick It, Rookie Blue), Sean Faris (so many things, but my absolute fave is Forever Strong--oh, did I mention he was the inspiration for Rowan in the Flora series? I did? Well anyway...), and DELL Chris Lowell (*cough* Private Practice *cough*), and that's only the beginning.

Add this to my list of how-the-heck-am-I-gonna-get-hold-of-this (WHAT? It's on DVD now???) because I suddenly feel like Veruca Salt.

So... have you seen any of these? Were you sad to see them go, too? Feel free to share your sob stories in the comments.


Eva @ All Books Considered said...

Oh man, I was just thinking about Life As We Know It the other day! Totally agree!

For me, the other ones that were cancelled and bum me out are Veronica Mars, The Best Years and That's Life!

Jane @ Raincity Librarian said...

UGH it's just the WORST when you just start falling in love with a series and then BAM it's cancelled! Especially when the season ends in a cliffhanger...what happened next???

Nicole @ Reading Books With Coffee said...

I completely forgot that I loved Hellcats when it was on. It's the only show on your list I've watched, and it was definitely cancelled too soon! Now I feel like rewatching it. Great list!

Jennifer Rummel said...

I hate when you fall for a series and then it's canceled - it happens WAY to often!

Anonymous said...

LOL you're right, I haven't heard of any of the shows you mentioned but I can relate with the frustration of having a show you love cancelled after just one season! So annoying.