So I have this picture in my mind...

Of how I would love my header on this blog to look. 

Yet - believe it or not (some of my friends will think this just isn't so) I am not very talented when it comes to graphics.  I'm sure I could figure it out - I usually do - but I do not have the time, nor the patience at this point to mess around and figure out how to make something like that.

But back to the picture in my mind.  

I see this header - in subtle (not pastel...classic??? What's the word for it? You know, where it looks all sepia-ish sorta but still has color...) yellows, browns, blues and greens (terrible description - I know - it would just boil down to the talent of the designer, I guess!) ... okay where was I going with this? Ah yes...

There's this picture in my mind - of a leather-bound journal (the pages all  worn out looking and the leather "gently used" - or in other words, *beautiful*) sitting on a table/bench/whatever (because I haven't gotten that far with my idea yet) with a nice looking pen (not plastic, if you get my drift) set on top of it and a nice, warm, cup of coffee sitting next to it on the table/bench/whatever.

Now if that didn't add TOO much to my already wonderfully described vision, on top of that I would love to see an owl or sparrow somewhere in the mix - whether it was on the coffee cup or on the journal itself (might take away from the classic leather look I'm going for, though - again - would leave it up to the "designer") - well the fact that the bird would be included at all would just be icing on the cake - I wouldn’t care where it was placed, to be honest.  

Lastly - after allll that - somehow, somewhere, the "MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY" blog title would be thrown in the mix. 

Just imagine it, people. 

Sip your coffee. 

See the journal, and the pretty pen propped across the cover as  steam slowly escapes from the delicious cup of coffee in your mind.  (Well the cup of coffee isn't IN your mind...I am pretty sure you know what I mean...though boy wouldn't that help during writers block - a straight shot of caffeine directly to the brain?  But I digress...)

So get a feel for it. Be prepared for my new header to pop up someday (eventually).

And now could you please tell me where in the world to find someone who can help me make this happen?


Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

What the? How in the world did the font get bigger in that one sentence...

Elana Johnson said...

ROTFL at your comment. Blogger does all kinds of weird things.

And I can't do this, but I have people who make cool stuff for me. Their secret? Photoshop. I have a Microsoft photo thingy that I use to add words and stuff to pictures I like, but I hear Photoshop is da bomb!

I'm new here; I can't wait to read your blog!