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Everyone has their own specific agenda as they first walk into the store.  Let's use a grocery store, for example.  I usually hit the produce section first, and go by the frozen section on my way to the register.  (That way my ice cream isn't all melted by the time I go to check out.  Boy would THAT be a disaster.)

Some people hit up produce last, and head to the meat section first before anything else, while others make sure that the last thing they pick up are eggs or bread so there's a smaller chance of them being flattened in the grocery cart.

The same thing happens when one walks into a bookstore.  For me in many ways, a bookstore is a lot like my favorite discount store.  I love to go through each isle and look at everything - titles that have been reviewed recently in my favorite magazines, the newest books fortunate enough to have anointed the shelves; and then after all of that, I head for my favorite genre so I can pull out book after book and read each synopsis to see if that book would be something I would enjoy reading.

Bookstores have many different items which draw readers in, including shiny new covers, big sales signs, even a big media promotion.  (The movie New Moon come to mind, with the movie coming out in a few months, because the hype is already insane for even pre-purchases of calendars, sound tracks, ect.  I'm sure some of you just died a little inside when I mentioned that, but let me tell you - for Twilight fans, it doesn't take much to pull them into the store.)

Considering the fact that I am attempting to forge my way into this business, I have been trying to learn everything about it, not only from strictly the author's point of view, but also from the reader's.  Obviously I know what I do when I first walk into a bookstore.  But I would love to know what others do.  It would help me understand what motivates people to choose the books they buy.  (Which in turn, I would hope, will help me with my writing/design/ect.)

So please, take the poll located to the right top area of my blog, and then share the link to my blog with your friends.  It would be awesome to receive a decent amount of opinions on this... and I would really appreciate it.  (I think many of my fellow bloggers would appreciate the results as well.)

I will post the results next Saturday. (Blog ends on 8/8/09)

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