I Have Five Minutes - and GO!

I stay on these here blogs (even my own) way too long. So I've given myself two - wait no, five minutes regardless of typos to bring up a few things and get off of here.  (What's that? I couldn't understand you - I was laughing so hard at the suggestion that I'd ignore typos...) 

 1)  Today has been a crummy day - but I'm putting on my big, size ten shoes and kicking this attitude to the curb (Soon. Hopefully.)  It's just been one of those all around, brain hurts, nothing sounds good anymore, my shoulders feel like I have concrete blocks sitting on them, I-got-an-critique-and-I-didn't-like-it kind of days.  The critic was right and even made a few valid points, but after staring at a screen for 3 days it probably wasn't what I should have read at that particular time.  So I had gotten up to 67,500 and now I've gone back down to 66-something or other.  I'm going to say 67,000 is my new magic number, but I think I have probably driven you all nuts because every day my number goal changes.  So today, 67,000.  And who knows, tomorrow could be a billion.  (And while I was typing this, it just occurred to me that I should have seen this coming a long time ago - I mean, when in my entire life have numbers and I gotten along anyway?)  

2)  I received another neat blog award that sadly I haven't even been able to look at yet, because I feel soooo guilty that I haven't even passed out the previous award to five more blogs like I was supposed to! (Procrastination as usual...my house is proof of this.)  I promise here in the next few days I will be finally giving out those five, and then bringing up the next one and thanking the lovely lady who gave me this new one, and so on and so forth.

3)  I added a new gadget to my blog - "Quick Links to Answer the Important Questions" - so check it out. (Let me know on here if there are other questions you'd like me post links to - or if you have a link that I might want to share.)

4)  There was something else important to say but my brain is mush so that's all for now I guess.  This actually took twenty minutes - between the kids coming in every 30 seconds (can someone please call me by my NAME for a couple of hours now?) and whatnot.  (If I just used whatnot in a previous paragraph I apologize. My head feels like whatnot right now.  I know that makes no sense. See? And there's my point.)


Sierra Godfrey said...

Ummm.....hoping very very hard it wasn't MY critique. Cripes!
At any rate tomorrow I have a post that goes off on all the crappy things people do when they critique, I think you'll probably empathize!

Jen said...

I do hope your day got better! And here's to having an even better day today (and a great weekend!)

I always mope about when I get a negative critique or just a critique that offers a suggestion for changing something. Of course, after I mope, I usually do what was suggested and the work ends up much better for it. That doesn't make the negative critique any better though!


Anita said...

MOMMEEEE!!! Oops, did I say Mommy? I meant Jessica.
Number 4 was a definite LOL. There are days when it seems that I hear "Mommy" 5oo times. Takes me over the edge.
But...what would we do without them!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

LOL Anita. Thanks for the laugh!