He who types the last line laughs (or goes crazy)

Yeah. I know. Two posts in a row pointing out my lack of sanity. But to be fair, yesterday's post was more along the lines of "this could/can/does happen", not "this just happened to me". (Course it had, but not right then. When I posted it. Did I clear that up well enough? Right.) So I say, I'm allowed to blog about sanity again. In a way I feel like a professional. An insane one. (You know, because we writers *are* professionals.)


The last line. The ending. The grand finale. Something *so* looked forward to for like, forever, and yet, when you find yourself there, looking over the cliff, about to wave sayonara to your *squee* - say it with me folks - finished novel, that longed for salute doesn't always go the way you'd planned it to.

Or does it? Is it just me? I don't know. Technically, I am done. I am done, finished, through. But this last sentence, it's driving me crazy! I know I should leave it alone, but I can't. Why is that? Why can't we let go, after so much time? I don't get it.

Oh wait. I just thought of another sentence...

*types it out*

*deletes it*

Noooooo wait.....

(I do believe I need help.)


Linda G. said...

LOL! I can't tell you how many times I changed my last sentence--I lost count.

Still, I think you can still call yourself finished, so Congratulations! :)

Lila Swann said...

Ooh, yes! I never knew what scene to end with. I knew the basic premise of Book 1 and Book 2 but since they were one continuous story, I wasn't sure where Book 1 ended (and my novel was now completed) and where Book 2 began. I'm still not sure if I made the right choice! I imagine it'd be harder if you didn't plan on a Book 2, though. Obviously the characters live on, so where is the ending? Where is just enough resolution to keep someone satisfied, but not enough to tie up every string?

Great post, Jessica!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I always write the last line with a mixed sense of "oh" and "Whew"...

Bethany said...

Hahaha. I could read an entire book of this if your character's thoughts were always like that.

Anyway - First chapters and last sentences. alksjfdalksjfdalsj. Basically.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Linda - YAY! My first congratulations! Thank you!:) And we can be in the "I changed that last line so many times..." club together!

Lila - Well funny you should mention that, because it IS a standalone with series potential. That's actually part of my issue. You smarty pants! How did you know? ;)

L. Diane - I can't wait for that "whew". I'm sure it'll come when I stop messing with it!

Bethany - so true. And I do write like my character (or does my character write like me?), so there you go!=)

James Garcia Jr said...

Snip, pour yourself that glass of wine, light that cigar and allow that baby to leave the nest. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Okay, everything but the cigar!