Mailbox bliss (or, reading awesomeness)

Between receiving gift cards at Christmas and the Barnes & Noble coupons I've received in my inbox since the new year started, I've been acquiring quite a bit of reading awesomeness lately!!! Guess what I get to start reading this weekend, guys?!?!?!

 photo 7009f0e8-fb06-4cb1-935a-bda201c47bde_zpsb50e9fb2.jpg

Aren't they just perfect for the month of February??? :D  (And this isn't counting the ones I'm waiting on that haven't been released yet!)

Last night it rained. We weren't expecting it (or at least I wasn't--I don't pay much attention to the weather forecast, to be honest) and even this morning the air was misty and gray (reminded me of the coast--Monterrey, for you local readers) and I had to turn my windshield wipers on. But as the afternoon ticks on, the sun is sticking his shiny little self out more and more. I love this weather. It's *so* reading weather. And I've decided today is the perfect day to start FALLING FOR YOU by Lisa Schroeder

Wahoo! And since two of my three daughters will be off doing school dance-y stuff tonight for a couple of hours, you know what that means... (Silent) reading BLISS! 

Have a blessed weekend, everyone! (What are you reading now?)


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Katrina L. Lantz said...

Ooh, they look gorgeous! Happy reading. I'm looking forward to your spangly reviews. :)