Writing, owl love you forever!!!

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For Valentine's Day, I decided to share what I love about writing and/or reading (both of which "owl love forever").

I love telling stories with my heart.

I love that I can share the things that happen in my head with others, who will probably not only *get* it, but experience it just as much as I have and love it, too.

I love to meet new people--new characters, I mean--and learn all about them. I love how they come to me and tell me about themselves throughout the day, how they wake me up and whisper their worst character traits in my ear so I can share them with the world.

I love how writing brings both readers AND writers together. The camaraderie that goes with loving the world of words in general is absolutely amazing; you may not have a single thing in common with someone, but if you both love the same book, it's enough.

I love the fact that, no matter what, the more you write, the stronger your writing grows.

love the universal truth that books, whether enjoyed or not, evoke emotions. You hated it, you loved it, it drove you crazy, it was your favorite, you bawled your eyes out, you would have changed this and this--what was the author thinking?!?!?!  (Sometimes it's less important how much you liked it and more important that the author's words struck you--however they did.)

Last, I love knowing that, regardless of publishers and formatting and stuff like that changing all the time, writing isn't going anywhere. It will always be here for us to share and enjoy.

What do you love about writing and/or reading? Feel free to share it in the comments!
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