It's my birthday! and this week's writerly news:

So I'm officially 35. And have three amazing teenagers. (Youngest turned 13 yesterday.) And have a book out, another one coming out soon, more in the works, and reader and writerly friends galore thanks to the interwebs. Plus good friends here, you know, where I live. Not to mention a husband who loves me no matter what and brings me coffees all the time -- he's been so supportive the past five years of this whole writing journey and I feel really, really blessed by ALL of these things I mentioned. :D 

Quick update on all the happenings this week:

Tuesday I participated in the Top Ten Tuesday meme -- this week's topic was Top Ten Character Names I Love and it was so fun seeing everyone's choices! Of course I could NOT make up my mind and also had to add random notes! (link)

Wednesday I was over at Operation Awesome talking about writers being mascots (link)... Here's a photo of my (now) 13 year-old a few days ago being a mascot on Tuesday:

 photo Picture95_zpsa04f0b11.png

My #JLBBirthdayBash ends tomorrow... if you haven't checked it out, it really is worth it (even if you do the free entries, that's one *click* for quite a few great things). Also, it's not up there, but both US and International winners will ALSO receive an eARC of my forthcoming IF I SPEAK TRUE (when it's ready in a couple of weeks)!!! (link)

Hafsah's Unbreathable (featured on both of the giveaways -- she's also my designer for like, everything) is now officially out... so even if you don't win either giveaway, her "race for earth" premise really is intriguing and I suggest you check it out (plus the whole good guy, bad guy thing... I tend to always go for the meanie *cough* ROWAN *cough* for some reason). You can find it HERE.

Thursday I had the pleasure of conducting my first "reader" interview with the lovely Kate Tilton, and the first part of it is featured HERE.

And today, well, today I am the big 3-5 and I am celebrating. So here's to another blessed year, to lots of virtual cookies and coffee being shared, and to many productive things and meeting even more friends. Happy Friday, guys! 

Be blessed!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jess! I'm glad it was a good one!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Thanks, Kate!