#JLBBirthdayBash update and writerly news

Happy Friday! 

So I received edits back for IF I SPEAK TRUE (whew!) and aside from the #JLBBirthdayBash next week, I'll probably be lying low so I can get that done. Also, I'm running a bit behind today so I'm just going to update things by saying if you haven't seen the awesome button Hafsah made for the giveaway, here it is:

ANOTHER item added to next week’s #JLBBirthdayBash (designed by @iceybooks)! (Check out coffeelvnmom.blogspot.com for more info!) #bookswag #giveaway

I'm adding that AND another design (she made two) to the giveaway, and one or two more items will be added next week! This is big, ya'll! (I'm so excited!) Plus, I had an ask me about my favorite books t-shirt made just for me too, and I can't wait to wear it! (And potentially gush until people want to run away and hide from me for the next decade!)

If you're new to the blog or have had your nose buried in a book the past couple weeks and have no idea what I'm talking about, go HERE.

In the meantime, what are you reading? What are you writing? And what scent is that you're wearing? You smell nice!!! *nods approvingly*

Have a blessed weekend, guys! See you Monday with a fun interview (I asked Kate Tilton a whole bunch of readerly questions!!!) and the breakdown of the awesome #JLBBirthdayBash giveaway items!

P.S. I use a lot of exclamation points!!!
P.P.S. Had a cool idea I'm starting up November 1st on my Tumblr so let's connect if we haven't already!


Anita said...

I miss being a frequent reader of your blog because I am one of the ones who has no idea what you are talking about! :)

September started with a new schedule for me, but it is beginning to level out with me getting adjusted to the new routine. Perhaps I'll have more blog reading time and MAYBE even get to read your book in the upcoming months!

Continued best wishes on the growth of your little empire. :)

By the way, I like your blog header design. Did you do it or did you need a computer type person to design and implement it?

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Hi Anita! :D Sounds like you've been busy... glad things are leveling out again! :)

Hafsah (from IceyDesigns--feel free to Google it, she's super talented... she and her sister have a blog called IceyBooks) made my blog and Twitter design, Pity Isn't An Option's book cover, and she's going to do If I Speak True's as well. (I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!)

Hope to see you 'round these here parts again soon... and feel free to sign up for my enewsletter if you'd like to stay in the loop!

Shallee said...

Good luck with edits! I'm writing a YA fantasy at the moment, and just finished reading Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. LURVED it!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Thanks, Shallee! Sending productive thoughts your way for the writing process! :) And Steelheart... sounds familiar. Going to have to check that one out! :D