The Gift of Giving... In Awesome Recycled Book Form (Part 2)

Last year I did a feature called The Gift of Giving... in Awesome Recycled Book Form,  where I shared a few of my favorite do-it-yourself bookish gifts. (Feel free to check out the post here -- the photos no longer work, but the links are still active.) Since Christmas is just around the corner (and DIY crafts tend to be a little more time consuming than "shopping"), I figured it would be fun to do it again this year!

So here are the ones I really liked, in no particular order (some even have video tutorials):

Hollow Book/Safe

This is such a cool idea! And I love how she says to leave a few pages so it's not obvious that the book is hollow! 


Bookish Tree
DIY:  Book Page Christmas Tree Tutorial.

Choose a book that's not particularly near and dear to your heart, simply for the look of it, or do the exact opposite and choose one your recipient loves, so that every time they look at it they can see the book's beautiful words! A tutorial for the second photo is here.


Bookish Shoes
Textual shoes-perfect for lovers of written words. I MUST MAKE THIS.
I wasn't able to figure out who made these originally. (I came across the photo here.) Boy would these make some awesome shoes. Flats would look just as cute! *loves* (I've also seen this done on lampshades.)


Page Poem
 photo 0efbcb26-87a1-475d-974d-3427827e7e2e.jpg

I absolutely love this idea! There are so many possibilities! Choose the recipient's favorite book, use a page that means something to you... frame it, and voila! :) (You can see other page poems by her, here.)


Book Planter
Book pot

I came across this book planter on If you can get over the whole, damaging-the-book part, this is a pretty cool idea. :D Check out Gartenkulter's other designs, here.


Bookish Wreath
There are quite a few YouTube tutorials out there, but I chose this one because I like the holiday take on it (and the lovely music!). For a rolled roses paper wreath (where you use newspaper or phonebook pages, instead), click here.


Quote Mini Book

This is an awesome idea for book lovers and writers. I know I find sentences I love all the time but have to write somewhere else, as I don't want to mess my books up (I think my daughter had sticky notes on about twelve different pages with the last book she read). You could make one with the recipient's favorite bookish quotes, or even create one that they could use to add in their own! Kate shows her own (notice the owl on the cover? *loves*) and page layout ideas, here.


Bookish Ornaments 

Give me some glue and some glitter and I will be all over this.
Here's Valerie's post for the clear ornament. 
(The link to the second one no longer works, but I love the glitter added to it!)


Bookish Light Switch/Outlet Covers 

Another one from ... no tutorial, but I'm sure all it takes is a few pages and Mod Podge! 


And, last but not least, this is more writer-ish than bookish, but it's too darling not to share:

Teacup Journal DIY

You can also do a coffee cup version of this. Isn't it adorable? Check out Katie's step-by-step instructions, HERE.


So, did any of these DIYs inspire you? I'm definitely trying a few of these out soon!  (Oh, and psssst: Today's the last day to enter the giveaway -- here's the link to the post!) Happy Monday, guys!


katie said...

I love ALL of these!! thanks for featuring my projects. :)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Aren't they fun? :) And no problemo, Katie! :)

Brittany and Michelle : The Passionate Bookworms said...

ahahhhh WANT THEM ALLLLLLL... but here is my dilemma.. I would want to use books that mean something to me/them too make it more personal.. BUT I would be SO SAD to ruin them! I would much rather use a book that had been damaged before or was like.. SUUUPER cheap at goodwill or something.. hmmmm ~Chelle