This week's writerly news, #ReadingCram winner + #IndieFever reading challenge

Absolutely AMAZING. I asked @punkprojects to design a tote for the IF I SPEAK TRUE blog tour next month—wanted to put one in the giveaway—and she made TWO!!! Now how do I decide which one to keep? Ahhhhh!!! THANKS SO MUCH, @katiebug92! :D LOVE THEM!!! #IfISpeakTrue #YA #DahliaandRowan #flowers #Flora

Hi guys! Hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Christmas! I planned to have a few posts go up these past two weeks, but never got around to it. :/ It's been busy around here with the girls home and family get-togethers and whatnot, and I wanted this week to be relaxing, so I didn't push myself to come up with stuff.

A few things HAVE happened across the interwebs, however, so (even though my Friday post is going out VERY late) here I am, sharing the most recent news!

1) Lorna Suzuki (@LornaSuzuki) was generous enough to invite me to be featured on her blog! She asked lots of fun questions, and this is one of the few interviews where I got pretty personal with my answers, including the real story behind Jonas' blood disorder in Pity Isn't An Option, my favorite female YA authors, and my favorite drink (hee hee--such a hard one!). You can read the full interview HERE.

2) Over at Operation Awesome, I talked about connecting with characters, in Making a Connection: Sympathizing with the Characters. You can read about it and throw in your two cents, HERE.

3) Kate Tilton (@K8Tilton) has gotten pretty much everything taken care of for If I Speak True's release and blog tour, and I am SO EXCITED! I just wanted to send out a major thank you to everyone who offered to showcase If I Speak True during the tour. I really appreciate it, and cannot WAIT for it to start... there's going to be so many fun features! :p

4) I received an AMAZING thing in the mail today, and if you're wondering if I'm referring to the photo at the top of this post, I AM!!!! Katie (@punkprojects) is so insanely talented!!! (I mean, look at those DAHLIAS!) I asked her to read If I Speak True and make something I could include in the blog tour giveaway, and this is what she sent! I still cannot BELIEVE that she sent me not one, but two! Woohoo! Not sure if you can tell, but both designs are somewhat like the coat of arms in the book -- both have the laurel wreath, and the one on the left (that's Rowan and Dahlia close to the end of the book--if you've read it you'll know why I say that) also has a line from one of Dahlia's favorite songs! :D 

So yeah. I haven't been able to decide which one to keep, so I will probably let the winner decide which one they want. YAY! 

Which reminds me...

5) In case you missed it, the winner for my #ReadingCram giveaway (Pity Isn't An Option, eARC of If I Speak True, and an Amazon gift card) was Shannon A. Congratulations, Shannon! :)

6) I had a whole lot more to share, but I'm running out of coffee. Monday I'll be featuring my author pal Cheyanne Young's (@NormalChey) newest book, POWERED (reading it this weekend), so look for that. (It's a superhero YA. Woot!)


7) I received an invite via Goodreads from Debdatta (@b00kr3vi3ws) for this reading challenge, and thought it was pretty awesome! It's hard keeping a good balance between reading traditionally published books and indie books, so I thought this fun challenge was a cool way to try and find new YA indies in 2014! I'm only going to be able to commit to the "amateur" level, but hey--that's still more than I had committed to before, and you know that, with me being an indie and all, I HAVE to share the indie love! Click HERE to learn more info about the #IndieFever reading challenge (and sign up)!

Bye for now, friends! Happy writing and reading, and have a wonderful weekend! :D

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