April's Reader Interview with Eugenia, part two

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Welcome back to this month's reader, all the way from Australia... Eugenia from Chasm of Books! This the second of a two-part interview (click HERE to read the first half)!

I love asking readers this question: What is the first thing you read when you get a book? (Acks, blurb, et cetera.)

After the cover (obviously!), I like to read the synopsis to see what I’m getting myself into.

Are there any books not yet released that you're really looking forward to reading?

Honestly I’d have to say at the moment the second book in the Flora series  - Open Thy Heart by you! After that ending of If I Speak True I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Aw, thanks, Eugenia! I'm pretty excited about it, too! :)

You write a lot of reviews (which I think is spectacular). What is your process? Do you make notes as you read? I know a lot of readers would like to try their hand at writing reviews as well, but feel overwhelmed at the idea. If you could give them one piece of advice, what would you tell them?

Why thank you :) It depends really, sometimes I will write notes if I’m reading a paperback and there are some important points I want to say in my review which I don’t want to forget like quotes etc. If I’m on my ereader I’ll usually highlight and annotate where I feel the need. Otherwise, sometimes I’ll just read a book and see what comes to me as a write. The hardest part is always starting a review, and once that first few sentences are done the rest usually falls into place.

For those of you looking into writing reviews just give it a try and write about how you felt about the book – what you liked and maybe what you didn’t. It doesn’t have to be too long and you’d be surprised at what you come up with!

Besides books (duh), do you collect anything else?

Hmmm not really, although I do have quite a few bookmarks lying about and I do like my sparkly gel pens when I’m writing notes for reviews.

What is your favorite cover of all time, and why?

There are of course so many absolutely stunning covers out there but what took the top spot for me is The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski. The dress, colour scheme and placing of the title all work wonderfully together to create a beautiful design.

I know you've been to a few author signings now. What has been your favorite part of interacting with authors face to face?

Getting to see Gabrielle Tozer and Jessica Shirvington in person and realise that they are really down-to-earth was great. It’s so exciting to be able to tell them how much you love their work and of course get books signed which you can treasure forever!

If you could ask your favorite author one question, what would it be?

I think I would be too speechless in awe to say anything at first but what I would probably come up with is ‘How on earth do you do it?’ Authors have so much talent and I really believe it is a gift.

Is there a book you'd love to see adapted into a movie? (Doesn't have to be currently in the works.) What element would you look forward to seeing on the "big screen"?

There are always two sides to movie adaptations, because I would love to see it as a film but wouldn’t want the book spoilt by it either. I think Genesis by Lara Morgan (the first book in The Rosie Black Chronicles) would make a fantastic movie. I’d love to see how the futuristic setting and elements of space would turn out and of course the great action!

Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Eugenia! :D

Eugenia's bio:

Hi there, my name is Eugenia and - as you may have already guessed - I love books, reading and anything bookworm-related. I have two very cute little guinea pigs who love to lounge around all day and an ever-growing pile of books to read (but hey - you can never have too many books right?) I mainly read YA of any genre, from historical to science fiction and love getting to know authors to discuss their books with them. Being a teen blogger, book lover and fangirl, you’ll always find me with a book nearby!

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