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Happy Friday! I'll keep this post short and sweet since my post was kind of long last week...


Beighley let me interrogate him for this month's Readerly Interview, including questions about his favorite male and female characters, favorite series, and the condition of his books (because, you know, that is very important). (link)

Around the interwebs 

Choosing a book cover: relevance is a necessity: Tuesday I was at the Indie Ignites blog talking about book covers and how the relevance of the cover design comes into play. (link)

Greatly improving your vocabulary: Thursday I was at the Operation Awesome blog again talking about how words like great really aren't all that great when they're greatly used. (link)

This week's snack (aka, junk food):

Quaker Chewy Granola Bar Variety Pack, 60/0.84 oz

But wait... the most important part of this isn't the fact that you have to eat like ten to get full or that it's like eating cookies and the sugar low is astounding, it's this:

THANK GOODNESS THE INGREDIENTS ARE DELICIOUS! (I don't even want to think about the other options! *shudders*)


Been rocking out to Skrillex whilst writing this week, including Promises, featuring Nero. (link)


... about sharing an occasional video after talking about it to my pal Ashley about it recently. At first I was going to do it on youtube, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that beast yet, so I might start by uploading it here and on my Facebook and Tumblr pages, and go from there. And if you're thinking, Why would anyone want to watch your stuff? I can promise you I've been thinking the same thing.

Me, in a nutshell

But... fangirling over my favorite stuff/books/movies or discussing characters or answering questions (if there are any asked) would be fun, so we'll see.

Also: By Sun and Candlelight's cover reveal is Monday (MONDAY!!!!), so this is me right now:


Have a blessed weekend! (And don't forget to come back to see Rowan's cover! Woohoo!)

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Cheyanne said...

Ooooh Definitely do the video! I've been wanting to do videos forever... just too shy and awkward about it, lol. And YAY for Rowan's cover!

Happy Friday!