This week's writerly news

First off, I'm just loving The Flash. Why-oh-why isn't it going to be on for a few weeks, now? :( Here's a gif from the karaoke episode from a few weeks ago. Anyone else watch it? I'm finding myself liking it more than Arrow!

This week's writerly news is small, but it's somethin'... The cover process for Cozenage 2 will soon be under way! Woohoo! (If only I could figure out the title... Hmmm.....) I can't *wait* to see what Hafsah comes up with! 

On that note, the lovely Madi recently read/reviewed Pity Isn't An Option (Cozenage 1), and I totally got a kick out of her ship name! (Yeah, not thinking it's going to work, either, Mads!) She's started posting reviews on her blog. You should totally add her to your blogroll!

The Trees of the Field Shall Clap Their Hands

This week's song I'm loving is Peter B. Allen's The Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands. Gracious, it's so beautiful. Couldn't find it on video for ya, but you can sample part of it HERE (listen to the entire sample because what I love so much shows up at the very end); or there's a longer sample, HEREon iTunes. After *years* of our piano sounding like a confused whale, we finally got it tuned, and I wish I could sit down and play like this! It would be so wonderful!

Around the interwebs: Did you see that ST's Kristia and Ull from The Elsker Saga (yes, same series that's featured in this month's #JLBgivesawayanINDIE) won 2015's MFEO (Made For Each Other) Tourney for SWEET NEW ADULT COUPLE OF THE YEAR? Talk about awesome! Make sure to congratulate the lovely lady if you have a chance, and if you haven't entered the giveaway yet, what are you waiting for? ;)


This week's dish is Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers and it was so. Stinking. Good,. Especially with fresh, homemade guacamole! Made it a bit spicy for Lovemuffin, but I thought it was awesome. 

Waiting on Wednesday this week was DUPLICITY. I am so, SO excited about this one. It's so different and sounds very intriguing!

Also: after a bit of a break, Reader Interviews is back Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for the lovely J from life_love_fandoms on Instagram... she'll be sharing her favorite book designs, quotes, and more! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

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