$10 FLORA SUPER SALE: Buy IF I SPEAK TRUE *and/or* OPEN THY HEART, get Rowan's novella, FREE!

Yep! This is happening!

Purchase If I Speak True or Open Thy Heart 
for only $10 and get By Sun & Candlelight, free
(plus free shipping)!

*US only. Sale ends Sunday, 12/6 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Payments via PayPal, only.

 This is a great deal and you can use it many ways. For example:

+ Scenario #1: You've seen IF I SPEAK TRUE around the interwebs, but haven't been sure whether or not a girl named Dahlia going to a place called Ambrosia and meeting a mysterious masked man named Rowan who is quite the looker (well, as much as she can see, anyway) who seems to know things even she doesn't know about her family is really something you want to read. Never mind that Dahlia has to hide these visitation/interactions from her bestest friends and family (especially her Aster, her "Ass-y" sister) back in Shaver, or the fact that um, Rowan really brings out the fire in her... if you know what I mean. *wink* Plus, he's got all of these secrets and there's got to be a reason he's keeping them... Wait, hmm... perhaps this is really your kind of read... It seems fun, and the covers are really pretty!

Solution: Well, IF I SPEAK TRUE is only ten dollars... Why not buy the darn thing (and get it signed to you, too)? There's free shipping... now that you think about it, this is one of those bookish deals you totes shouldn't refuse! And then if you like Rowan and want to know more about him and what makes him the hot kind lovely mysterious guy that he is, boom! You've already got his novella, BY SUN & CANDLELIGHT because it was FREE!!!

+ Scenario #2: You've already read IF I SPEAK TRUE and think a friend would love it (signed and personalized to them, obviously) but really want to read about Rowan and the rest of the Ambrosian's shenanigans (oh, and, you know, how Rowan feels about Dahlia from his perspective, because that's important). Also: What's this about a fox named Clementine? And a bet between Rowan and Briscoe????

Solution: Get IF I SPEAK TRUE for your friend (what a dear you are!) and have the novella signed to you! 

+ Scenario #3: You've already read IF I SPEAK TRUE and really want to check out OPEN THY HEART but the idea of getting IF I SPEAK TRUE for a friend sounds really fun (because bookish convos and fangirling), but the novella deal (that's a $9 value, free!) is too good to refuse!

Solution: Buy IF I SPEAK TRUE *and* OPEN THY HEART and receive a free novella with each (for a total of $20)! That's $30 being saved, not counting what you're saving with free shipping! 

Scenario #4: You've read IF I SPEAK TRUE and are totally interested in Rowan's point of view in BY SUN & CANDLELIGHT, but more IMPORTANTLY, what is this you keep hearing about David's birthday party, and some big secret of Dahlia's that gets out, and Tuberose being a psycho, and Aster (of all people) helping Dahlia? 

Solution: Buy OPEN THY HEART for yourself, and get Rowan's novella FREE! Two books for you, for only $10! That's a win-win!

If you're *still* not sure if Rowan or David the Flora series is for you, why not watch the book trailer (HERE) or see what people thought about the series (HERE and HERE--careful, there might be spoilers)?

Mind made up? Yay! Email me at coffeelvnmom at gmail dot com for personalization and payment info today! 

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