Crepes, #LibrarySignUpMonth, a bribe + more: this week's writerly news

It's Friday! Which means I'm back with more writerly news. 

This week's quick summary:

1) Sunday was Grandparents Day, and we celebrated by making dessert crepes (so yum) and giving the grandparents "crepe-tastic grandparent" certificates. Here's my go-to crepe recipe. Throw a sprinkling of mini-chocolate chips inside and serve with maple syrup or add cream cheese and serve with your favorite berry syrup. A-mazing.

2) Monday and Tuesday, Beryl, Audrey, and Kimi of Geeky Chiquitas were here for a two-part Reader Interview. They're very busy gals and I really appreciated them taking the time to answer my questions!

A sneak peek... Click the link below to see
him in all his ferocious glory.
3) Wednesday, I introduced you to LMTYAS's new mascot, who, basically, thinks he's as scary as the Big Bad Wolf. (Please go along with me on this and agree, or he'll poop in my shoes). I also basically beg ya'll to help me out by bribing you with money and a vlog. But the most important part of this is the new mascot. (Just kidding. It's the bribe.) 

I was also over at Operation Awesome comparing my favorite holey sweatpants to revising.

Find this beauty and more on IIST's board.
This reminds me of Shoreline Books.
4) Speaking of bribing, even with If I Speak True being only 99 cents, I realize that, as a reader, sometimes you just need that extra push to check out something new, and I have the solution: IF I SPEAK TRUE's Pinterest board.

5) ALSO: In the chaos of doing lots of stuffs, I accidentally ordered two By Sun and Candlelight proofs, so guess what? I've added one to Amber's Swag September Giveaway. I'm going to write lots of behind-the-scenes info in it for the winner! YAY!

6) Last, September is #LibrarySignUpMonth. (For comic book fans, there's also some cool posters of Stan Lee at that link.) In order to share the #booklove, I'd like to give anyone who signs up for a card between now and the end of the month a small book swag pack! Tag me on Instagram, tweet me, or email me a photo of you and your new card, and I'll get some swag to ya!

Well, I do believe that's it. I'll be back Monday to celebrate OPEN THY HEART's release (please come back and join me in the festivities)!!!

Have a blessed weekend!!!

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