OPEN THY HEART teaser, IIST sale, monkey bread and more

I've been MIA! Well, kinda. My blog was lonely there for a bit. The past week-ish has been chock-full of scrambling to do OTH edits and get out the eARCs. But I'm done, for now, finally! (Boy does it feel nice to finally take a breather!) Gotta go over stuff one more time, but it's all good. And guess what? OPEN THY HEART is up for pre-order! *throws coffee bean confetti* The tour starts up on release day (September 15th--there's going to be TWO awesome giveaways), but I wanted to share one of the teasers, because I'm really excited for what happens in Flora 2. And, in celebration of this, IF I SPEAK TRUE is now 99 cents! (By Sun & Candlelight is as well, but being a novella, it'll stay at that price indefinitely.) 

And now for my quick summary for this week:

1) If you want to have dessert lying around the house, do NOT make monkey breadEspecially not the quick, easy-to-make kind with pre-made biscuit mix. (The entire thing was gone in less than 24 hours.) If you DO want to inhale large doses of sugar, then I highly suggest this quick, simple recipe. Monkey bread is not just for breakfast, ya know. It can be for all of the time dessert, too.

2) My new go-to song for Cozenage 2 (one of two projects I'm currently working on) is Stay Awake by Will Sutton. It's from the What The Night Said album, and I love it! Totally encompasses the feel for Logan and Jennifer Dawn. I guarantee the more you listen to it, the more you'll love it. (Oh and Katydid, too.) You can check it out HERE.

3) I finally get to read again--Woohoo!--and there are *so* many books on my TBR! Here's some of my most recent Kindle purchases... Have you read any of them? (If so, what did you think? I'd love to hear about it!) 

4) September's Reader Interview will be with Geeky Chiquitas! I'm very excited for you to learn more about them next week. They're great gals!

5) Amber's Swag September at Paradise of Pages is ON! Amber is spreading the author love all September by sharing book swag (yay!), so check out her blog and enter HERE to win some of my bookmarks (and a secret something I haven't shared yet. Surprise!)

Well, that's pretty much it! Now I'm off to do boring adult stuff, like dishes and other non-entertaining chores. Have a blessed weekend, everyone! :)

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