Paper #dahlia tutorial, Ambrosia (the food) + more: this week's writerly news

Me, at the start of OTH's blog tour this week. Which is way
calmer than I was at IF I SPEAK TRUE's back in January.

Today's the fifth day of OPEN THY HEART being out! 

*pumps fist* 

*passes out brownies* 

It's been a bit crazy around here, but I still have a few things to share for my Friday writerly news, so here goes:

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OPEN THY HEART giveaway! 
1) Katie's journal is gorgeous and the leather is soft and she even put all of the pages in herself (some have FOXES on them!). I totally think of Clementine from BSaC but even if you don't know who Clementine is yet, you will totally fall in love with this gorgeous journal I've added it to the US Rafflecopter. The giveaway continues until the 5th of October, so you have plenty more chances to come back and enter! :D

Office-Cat's Co-worker

2) IF I SPEAK TRUE is up to seven reviews on Amazon! (Thanks, Rachel!) I only need four more and I can share it being 99 cents with a whole lot of people. (If you missed it, here's what's going on.) If you've already posted one on, say, Goodreads, or any other site, consider copying and pasting it to Amazon, too (not just for me, but all authors). Not all promotional sites consider Goodreads a proper source (as nothing is sold there), so it's nice to have something else to fall back on. Thanks, guys! 

3) Yesterday, a friend of mine shared this on Facebook. I am one of those weirdos who can't mix my fruits together because EW, but I still had to share it because, HELLO: It's AMBROSIA.

4) Music: I'm finding a couple of weird songs to add to Cozenage 2's playlist (it sure will be nice when I figure out the title of that book), but what I've listened to most this week is an album that dropped on Tuesday (and I just "happened" to come across on Instagram). So. Good.

5) I've wanted to make a huge paper dahlia for months now, and in the past couple of days two people have shown theirs off (Kaitlin and Madi!). Aren't the fall-ish ones above gorgeous? I LOVE them with the lighting. Here are my favorite two tutorials (including the one above). 

Paper Concrete Wreath at The Paper Cottage

Fall Plume Wreath at Urbanic Paper

If you make one, I'd love to see it!

And... that's about it for this week! Have a blessed weekend! 

P.S. I just came across this  and I am SWOONING. (I don't even want to share a photo because you MUST see them all together. Must! Spring! Fall! Winter! Summer! ACK!)  The talent. The art! I HAVE NO WORDS. 

Here's Kouichi Chiba's Instagram


Eugenia said...

CONGRATS ON THE RELEASE OF OPEN THY HEART!!! It must be so exciting to finally have it out in the world for other people to experience just how fantastic it is. The Flora series is only going to get even better (because it is amazing already) as you release more books in it, and I can't wait to see what you come up with in Cozenage #2. Keep up the brilliant work Jessica, you're one of the most talented authors I know! <3

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

THANK YOU, Eugenia! :D And yes, I'm very excited, because of all of the drama. I love drama! I want readers to get to be IN that drama! :p


Leandra Wallace said...

Ooh, I love those flowers! I'm new to your books, though I had seen the cover here and there and really remember loving it. In fact, all your covers are great! I'll be checking out what they're all about.