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Yesterday was quite a good day.  Did I cross everything off of my "to do" list?  No.  Did I get my house picked up? No.  Did I even finish this time-consuming novel already so I can stop boring everyone with all of the little details? No, of course not, that would make my life (and yours) seem way too easy.  I was able to cross about three out of ten things off my list.  Not too exciting, I know.  But the most important one, the contest submission, that got crossed off.  (It was down to the wire, the last date you could have on the postmark actually, but I made it!)  fiveit Pictures, Images and Photos

So now that that's done...I've received a few viewpoints now about what I've written so far.  Of course any kind of criticism is hard to take, and any kind of praise isn't enough (more, people - I want to hear more! lol).  But I think in order to be the best we can be, we need to hear both. (Long as it's somewhat even, I think I'll survive.)

That being said, a fellow writer friend whom I've gotten to know very quickly (thank you internet!) has brought up a few things, and they are making me think.  Some, I have no idea what to do about yet - or if I'll do anything - but I think I've found the solution for one area in particular. 

It's crazy to me how one day the negative feedback can knock you down (sometimes for only a few minutes, sometimes for hours, or a day, just depends) but then, as you figure out where you went wrong, or how you can make it better, that excitement comes back and makes the whole process fun and exciting again. (Because, I'll be honest - after a while, editing takes the enjoyment out of this process. It drains you.)

So that is where I'm at, dear readers. I'm moving right along, re-writing this time but in a fun way,  a "I'm going to entertain myself as I right this" way.  This is a good place to be.  I'm enjoying it.

Oh - and I totally forgot to mention the other reason I thought it was a good day.  I never win anything. Ever. Never, ever EVER.  Something went wacko for a few moments of time (I picked up a lucky penny, perhaps?) because I won a pack of things from and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Whoo boy is it fun to open something up with your name on it and pull out a bunch of  free stuff. It was like Christmas in August.  Totally made my afternoon. And Lovemuffin's. He was sportin' the hat and claiming things for himself the second the bag was opened.

Well I'm off to re-write for a few more minutes, and then I'm going to try and cross a few more things off my list. I'll leave you all with an interesting blog post that I came across this morning titled The Writer's Baggage.  It's aimed at writers, but I think those of you who don't write may still find it entertaining, and it gives a little insight to a "writer's world".  I really related to #6 - A dog, not a cat.  My dogs have spent hours lying by my feet as I work on this thing.  It's like a little silent support system. (With the occasional loud groaning - those of you who have heard my German Shepherd stretch will know what I'm talking about - he's like an old man.) And as for #9 - I'm new enough in this journey that those do not apply. I still love journals and plaques and whatnot. Just thought I'd clarify that.  You can read The Writer's baggage  here . Okay I'm off to find me some stickers.

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Sierra Godfrey said...

LOVE the Internet high five. And sorry. :)