Summer contests and other informative stuff

I've come across a few things worth sharing, and decided to post them all in one blog. Feel free to pass the info along.

Here they are, in no particular order...

* Pure Imagination's Summer Celebration Giveaway

* Roni & Julie's contest - According to their blogs, here are the prizes up for grabs:

  • Hannah Moskowitz's Break
  • Lisa Desrocher's Personal Demons (ARC)
  • A query or first five pages critique from Fine Print Lit's intern, Gemma Cooper
  • A query or first five pages critique from Janet Reid's assistant, Meredith Barnes
  • A query or first five pages critique from agent Suzie Townsend
  • A query or first five pages critique from editor Brendan Deneen

  • * Win a copy of Mandy Hubbard's new book, You Wish (also author of Prada & Prejudice, and other books) at C.A. Marshall's blog. To read more about Mandy Hubbard, check out her interview at the Lisa and Laura Write blog here.

    * Julie P., author of Booking Mama blog, is giving away a copy of Fragile by Lisa Unger, here.

    * Noah Lukeman of the Ask a Literary Agent blog has just combined all of his wonderful advice and knowledge into a free ebook for us lovely writers, here.

    There are tons more contests going on around the blogosphere as we speak, but I've run out of time. If anyone would like to share a contest they are currently holding, feel free to mention it in the comments.

    Happy Thursday!


    Lola Sharp said...

    "My name is Lola, and I'm a coffee addict."

    Oh, this isn't a 12 step program for coffee addicts? *whew* That's a relief. I love, NEED my coffee.

    Love the owls. :)

    Also, I'm running a contest at my blog!

    One lucky winner will win a bottle of Lola perfume (by Marc Jacobs) and a creepy 'IT' (by Stephen King) clown magnet, and his book On Writing...

    Owl be back to visit you soon.



    Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

    "Owl be back" - ha!

    Thanks for adding yours, Lola! Good to see you here!

    And no, this isn't a twelve step class, because wouldn't we have to quit drinking it, then? (Oh, the horror!)

    Sierra Godfrey said...

    And mine! The Spectacular Character Contest!

    Win a $25 Amazon gift card for describing a football player!

    Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

    See! I knew there were a bunch more contests, Sierra! Thanks!