In which I brag about contests I lost

Yes. I've decided, as I sit here bawling my eyes out (no not really, just feeling a *tad* dejected and fighting the urge to cram a few candy bars down my throat), that the best thing to do when one loses a lot is to brag about said losingness. How else would one be able to go on with one's day?

So first, the contest I entered last month. Yeah, I lost. (Are you surprised? Shoot. I think I set this up backwards, didn't I?) And I'm sad. Not surprised, which kind of sucks because it would be nice to have that "I'm awesome and am totally rockin' it" feeling (it does show up every so often, thank goodness, but why so many empty days in between?). But guess what? Oh well. I am going to be like Stephen King and add the loss to an ever-growing pile of misses on my wall (it's actually a manilla envelope in a drawer, but still. You get the point.) After all, I put myself out there. That's what we writers do, right? All the time? Over and over again?

Now for the second contest -- it was actually a random contest to will a full critique. Which I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want/need/am desperate for. Lucky for my ego, being as both contest results were announced today, it truly was random. Take a picture of Natalie's friend Kiersten's recently released book, Paranormalcy, "In the Wild", and you will be entered into the critique contest. Judging not based on the actual picture, just a random draw, with the opportunity to have some fun and take a pic, to boot.

Neat. Quick. Simple.

I didn't win.

BUT. Natalie did put my picture on the announcement post, which gave me a smile (and I really needed that). According to her post, "there were a lot" of entries. So I'm going to use my imagination here and say that there were hundreds, thousands of entries, and mine was one of the few she chose to share with everyone.

See? There *is* always a silver lining. It may be a thin, practically transparent lining; not a thick, fuzzy and bright one, but it's there.

Now excuse me while I go find more contests to lose.


BK Mattingly said...

You're totally right. :) We just have to keep finding the good in the things we do.

Janet Johnson said...

How fun she chose yours to show! And yes, I'm feeling the sad, too, today.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

So cool to be featured like that! I lose a lot of contests, too. But does that stop me from entering? Heck no! It's kind of like querying in a way... but that's another blog post for another time. :-)

Good luck on the next contest!

Anne Gallagher said...

I lost a contest for best first lines. There were 25 spots open and I didn't make it, so guess what, I guess I have to rewrite my first line. Ugh!

DL Hammons said...

Reggie Jackson, a baseball player who is regarded as one of the greatest cluth hitters of all time, also has the dubious distinction of leading in strikeouts!

You can't get a hit without swinging the bat!! :)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I can't believe I have missed following your blog all this time. Ack!

Linda G. said...

Well, I think your silver lining is very, very cool. :)

Travener said...

I haven't one a contest since I stuffed the ballot box at the grocery store with like a 1,000 entry coupons when I was 12. I won a pack of hot dogs.

Robyn Bavati said...

I really think we need to redefine the words 'winning' and 'losing'. Most contests only have one winner, so if 10,000 people enter, does that mean there are 9,999 losers? Not in my dictionary. To me, the only losers are those who lack the courage to have a go.

James Garcia Jr said...

Ugh! I see raisins all day at work already! Just kidding. Good for you. Now in all of the excitement of taking the photo we didn't forget the book in that field, did we? Everytime I get a call that the fruit ran out, I'm going to think that book showed up in Processing and caused a massive plug up!! Cool picture. See you on Twitter.
Oh, tell me about this "bleaser". ;)

Jessica Ann Hill said...

You seem to have a positive outlook. And I agree, the important thing is that you put yourself out there and tried. Kudos to you! :)

Jen said...

We got to keep on entering them! How else can we (finally, one day) win them. I've entered several writing contests with no answer ever. That's fine. At least I put myself out there. That's all we can do. If we don't try, no one will EVER find us :)


DL Curran said...

Good on you for putting it out there! I'm just getting there... but I have so much respect for the writers that enter all those contests! :) Glad I found your blog!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Bethany - yes, yes we do!

Janet - hope you're feeling a bit better today. I know I am. =)

Katrina - no kidding, it *is* a lot like querying, and yes, that would be a loooong blog post. ;)

Anne - Those "first" contests are the worst! (First line, first paragraph, first 250 words...) But I guess it's better to learn from a contest, before submission, right?

DL - You make a great point. I'm going to use that quote on my kids, too. =)

Michelle - Well hello there! (It's okay. There's a bazillion of blogs, it's like finding a needle in a haystack.)

Linda - thank you!

Robyn - I agree. I think the quote I mentioned Friday would go perfect with this post, actually, don't you?

James - No, I didn't leave the book there;) I had a totally different plan at first (involving one of our backhoes) but it didn't work out, so when we were heading home from a trip to Fresno I had the husband pull over and carried the book over to the grapes for a quick picture! Oh and bleaser... *sigh* I'll DM you.

Jessica (great name!) - Putting ourselves out there is *so* hard, but it's the best way to learn, don't you think?

Jen - So true. I think it helps to get our name out there too. And no answer, ever? That stinks. Let's keep trying! ;)

Debbie - I'm glad you found my blog too!

Jessica Ann Hill said...

You've a great name too! ;) And I agree, putting ourselves out there is definitely the best way to learn.