Thursdays with Snip - contests & news

Whew! There's been tons of buzz this week! Here's a few I thought I'd share!


Requested Manuscripts -- Agent Sara Crowe give you a look into the requested manuscript phase on her blog, Crowe's Nest.

On Self Doubt -- Author and agent Mandy Hubbard shared her two cents on her blog with Self Doubt... getting it written instead of getting it right.

Rejection -- Need a rejection pick-me-up? Check out A Bestseller's Rejection Story on Dystel & Goderich Literary Management's blog.

How to Write & Sell Fantasy and Sci-Fi Webinar -- Agent Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary is offering a webinar on September 30th. Check out this link for more info.

When Dreams Become Expectations: My favorite of agent Nathan Bransford's posts this week. Check it out here.


Amazing Amazingness & Query Critique -- writeoncon is throwing contests galore this week, including a live event and epic giveaway and query critique, here.

ARC, Query Critique, Bookmarks -- YA Author Kirstin Hubbard is throwing a great giveaway! For a chance to win an ARC of her upcoming book, Like Mandarin, a query critique, or signed booksmarks, click here.

Signed copies of Sisters Red or Audrey, Wait! book giveaways - Check it out at See Heather Write (giveaway ends Friday)

Free Books -- Chuck Sambuchino at Guide to Literary Agents is giving away three books - 1) How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack 2) 2011 Guide to Literary Agent 3) Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript here.

(There are many book giveaway contests going on in the blogosphere, good luck to those who enter!)

* Don't forget -- YALITCHAT's Query Kick-Around contest (ends September 30th).

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Linda G. said...

Great bunch of links--thanks for sharing them! :)