Napkins, gum wrappers, receipts. I write on them all.

I came across this the other day and had to share because it's *so* me (and probably a lot of you guys out there too) -

Ha ha. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Anne Gallagher said...

Oh this is so me. I write everything down and then can't find it. Or find it when I'm not looking for it (because I'm looking for something else) put it in a "special" place so I won't lose it and then forget where the place is when I need it.

Does that make any sense?

Anita said...

Good quote.
I just finished transfering scribbles to my index card and box. :)
Who knows how many other scraps are lurking around.

Melissa Hurst said...

I used to do that, too. But after losing so many of those papers, I decided to buy a small notebook to keep in my purse.

Linda G. said...

LOL! This sounds way too familiar.

Anonymous said...

Definitely about me, too:)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Anne - I completely know what you mean. I'm the same way, and it's not just with writing. My husband and I have an ongoing joke about me doing that with pretty much everything.;)

Anita - good idea. I transfer my scraps over to notebooks every couple of weeks. And yet, something always pops up out of nowhere and I'm like, "Oh my gosh this was such a good idea, how could I have FORGOTTEN it?" ;)

Melissa - I keep one in my purse, another under my pillow, and then write on whatever is around throughout the rest of the house!

Linda and Catherine - maybe it just goes with the writerly territory! =)