Writers write, right? Right. Write.*

*the above title was taken from urbandictionary.com

Oh dear. I believe the inevitable has happened. My brain has shut off.

This weekend was crazy and super boring at the same time. Two kids got injured, one by racing her sister on a bike WAY too small for her, then flying off (road rash sucks); and the other by going in the back of her dad's truck and slicing the bottom of her foot (no stitches, though it's going to be a crappy healing process). I finished doing the laundry, stayed caught up on the dishes (that never happens), worked on my query and logline (bugging my friend Andi so much she probably shudders every time there's an email from me in her inbox), and I even cleaned out a closet full of junk I never get rid of because "what if this is something I could use sometime in the future -- you know, like the next ten years".

Time must have slowed somehow, because by last night I'd found a way to get caught up on two missed Parenthood episodes and watch the newest Jacob's Patience installment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. (The first one was with Will Farrell.)

And now, it's Monday. The sun is bright, the ground is wet from the rain last night, and a swift cool breeze is sweeping through the trees. The house is relatively silent (the dogs aren't barking at people pushing lawnmowers around the neighborhood for once -- oh wait, they do still bark when the mower is at OUR house), coffee is brewed... and my brain refuses to cooperate.


Linda G. said...

Sometimes a brain just needs to recharge. :)

Anne Gallagher said...

It's Monday. My brain never works on Monday. I get caught up on blogs.

You'll never believe in a million years what the word verification is for this comment.


I'm not kidding.

MC Howe said...

Funny, I cleaned out all my closets this weekend too. Ten years was up. Turns out I didn't need it.

Andi said...

that's cRaZy-TaLk girl! Your emails are always welcomed!
you know ANY time.

that being said - our brains are in the same boat. It just dawned on me today why #nano and revisions are lacking. Well, revisions are lacking because my brain told me I needed to do nano first. Nano is lacking because I wrote my character into a wall, literally. I left her standing against a wall, pondering. And I couldn't get past it because I hadn't decided what I wanted her to do - or what the response would be to (by supporting characters) whatever she DID end up doing. um, hello duh. not very responsible of me to leave them hanging in my brain, next to a wall. So I thought about it for a minute - and it was decided. Sadly I still have laundry to do (oh I know ... still??! yes. still) ANYWAY... If I get enough of the *cringes* ... LAUndry done... I'm hoping to write them the heck away from that freaking wall!

WAs that a comment ?? my brain doesn't know ...
I hope your brain has started working :)

Little Ms J said...

I switch from left to right brain all the time. It really is a pain, but when I'm on... I'm on!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Linda - I think that's exactly what I need. And sadly, I'm not sure it's going to work tomorrow either!

Anne - okay is that weird or WHAT? (verification word) And I don't seem to EVER get caught up on blogs, but I just keep clicking that *follow* button!

Matt - Holy cow, TEN years? Wow. I'm feeling a little better about my closet now. =)

Andi - Well, WHEW. I feel better now.;) The laundry... well I hope it's done by now. And #nano, as you know, hasn't even started for me yet. (Dangit.) Hopefully that wall will burst into something awesome! =)

J - I wish I could switch back and forth. I'm right brained all the way. We actually used an app on Lovemuffin's phone recently to see what we were (not that we didn't already know) and it confirmed it!;)

Jolene Perry said...

It seems like almost every time I know I'll have some quiet peace, the words don't come as quickly. But if I'm running out the door late, with two kids in tow, that's when I solve whatever writing issue I'm working through. I have lots of scraps of paper in my car with semi-legible scribblings.

Travener said...

Have some coffee and all will be right with the world.

Regina said...

Road rash sucks and yes, the bottom of a foot takes awhile to heal. However, do not panic. I think that your brain is just on delay.

I have had this problem before. Once it resets itself you will be back on fabulous track and pounding out words again in no time.

I don't think Andi is shuddering about the inbox. She sounds like a tremendous friend. Best wishes and I hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Jolene - my mind is the same away a lot of the time!

Travener - You know me *so* well!;)

Regina - I'm liking the term "brain delay". Makes it sound as though things WILL come, eventually. ;) And she is a good friend - yet another reward of meeting fellow writers on the internet! Thanks for the good wishes! =)

Andi said...

*Feel the Love*
and let it move you forward. Writer friends are thEE best. For inspiration and for sitting in metaphorical boats together.