Books I've loved recently and writerly news

This week's been crazy enough that I haven't really had a chance to post. There are points in the phase of writing where you're busy editing and throwing down words (been on a roll a few days this week with Flora 2 -- woo hoo) and corresponding; and between doing all of that and having a family (and school officially being in full swing), you've used so many words, there really aren't any left to share. (Not that I run out of words easily, but when it comes to the blog, I don't want to bore you guys to tears.) I even missed my post at Operation Awesome, which shouldn't have happened considering it was my second official post, but that's what happens when, you know, life happens and you forget what day it is. So yeah.

A couple of things to quickly share:

1) #Indie love: If you're into YA urban fantasy, Breanna Puttroff's The Dusk Gate Chronicles are a fun read. They're clean, consist of lots of fun characters, and like the Flora series (book #1 is about to go to the editor -- woot woot), the main character spends a lot of time in a completely different "world" and gets to know all about it, the people who live there, and what role she has to play in everything. I really enjoyed them, and the ebooks are very well priced (in fact, the first one, Seeds of Discovery, is free). 

2) Traditionally pubbed #booklove: In the past week or so I've been reading two series: Dan Krokos' False novels (OH THE ANGST--when is book three coming out... I just can't....), and Myra McEntire's Hourglass series. Though the first is more science fiction than anything (clones) and the latter is more about time travel, both have had me laughing out loud, really connecting to the main characters, and really liking the writers' voices. (They're YA, of course.) I highly suggest both; if you tend to like the same kind of books I like, you won't be disappointed. (Unless you want to read Mr. Krokos' book three. In which case, how 'bout I hold you while you hold me?)

 3) Blog #memes: After this week's #K8chat on Twitter, I'm going to try to get on board with a few fun blog memes, just to be able to book squee with everyone about readerly stuff. We'll see how it goes; it might be a once or twice a month sort of thing. Who knows. 

4) Audiobook #giveaway: Once Pity Isn't An Option's audiobook is officially approved by ACX, it'll be available to purchase on iTunes, and Most likely I'll be doing a giveaway to celebrate (yay). More details coming soon.

5) Are you on #Pinterest? I really enjoy connecting on there and sharing my favorite stuffs, including boards for PITY ISN'T AN OPTION (Cozenage #1), IF I SPEAK TRUE (Flora #1), writing, food, and of course, cute baby animals. :) Let me know how to find you in the comments (or go to my "for my readers" tab and you can find me and I'll follow you). Then we can pin each others' snarky comments and learn how to make crafty stuff out of cardboard--a pinner's dream!

6) The lovely and talented and amazing Hafsah Laziaf (who created not only PIAO's gorgeous cover, but also designed my entire blog and my bookmarks and will no doubt design everything else I do) has announced she's publishing her book, UNBREATHABLE. I'm excited for her, because she's one of those people who gives continuously to others and now it is her time to shine and I think that's amazing, so of course I had to share her news! 

(That ended up not being short at all!) Have a blessed, fun Labor Day weekend, guys! See you Tuesday!


Unknown said...


Thank you so much for the shoutout, Jessica! You are the sweetest.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

You're welcome, lovely lady! :)