The Flora series and The Mossy Foot Project

So... I wasn't going to share this, but I'm feeling led to, so there must be a reason for it! (And honestly, I'd rather share about it now, anyway, if He's going to have me do it, so as not to appear as though I'm doing it for promo as the book release gets closer -- because that's not why I'm doing it at all.) Which means instead of my usual Friday writerly news and whatnot, this is going to be my post today.

Over the past month or so, I've really been feeling the Lord putting on my heart to donate a portion of the Flora series books to go to a foundation called The Mossy Foot Project. I could tell you a whole lot about The Mossy Foot Project, but really, it would be easier to give you the link and let you read about it if you want. So here's the link.
Mossy Foot Project

To summarize, the purpose of The Mossy Foot Project is basically to share His love with the people of Ethiopia while giving them the tools (socks and shoes) to keep from developing mossy foot, or the treatment and tools to stop the progression of mossy foot if one already has it. Mossy foot is a horrible, debilitating, and, sadly, culturally-shunning disease that is preventable by simply wearing socks and shoes. That's it. Shoes! If everyone had and was able to wear socks and shoes as they went about their business, there would be no mossy foot!!! For that reason, and because it's such a simple solution, and because for the past few years this foundation and the amazingly beautiful people of Ethiopia who need, deserve, and have the right to not have to deal with this (or receive treatment if they do) have been on my heart, a portion of each e-book sold in the Flora series (starting with If I Speak True) will go toward The Mossy Foot Project.

Now, I know that this might seem trivial to some. I mean, if the e-books are say, $3.99 tops, and I only make a portion of that, and then only a smaller portion from what I actually make comes from that, what's the point? Well, the point is, this is what has been placed on my heart. The point is, everyone deserves to be taken care of and shown His love, no matter who they are, or where they're from. The point is, every cent counts. It's not about how many e-books might sell and therefore, how much money will go toward this project; it's about the fact that more people will be helped by me doing this than if I didn't do anything at all.

And there you have it. I probably won't mention this again (though it will be in the back of the e-books so readers will be informed as to where a portion of their money has gone), and feel free to share this, but do not feel obligated at all. As I said, I was just feeling led to share what's been on my heart for a few weeks now. :)

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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