This week's writerly news + check out my book haul!

Happy Friday! This week has been pretty busy! Here's what's been going on:

 photo eecf0b0f-be07-4453-a5db-c3c835f8d36a_zps5d71a67a.jpg

1) Birthday book haul:  Thanks to my awesome pals, here are some of the books I was able to get! :D I've actually already read Jellicoe Road (all the feels), Hourglass and Timepiece; I just wanted them for my collection! (Plus, I pre-ordered Ignite Me.)

2) I have some big news that I can't wait to share soon... SQUEE! If you're like me and hate to wait, sign up for my e-newsletter and find out stuff like this before it's posted anywhere else! (There's a signup link right over there --------->, above Pity Isn't An Option.)

3) This week's Teaser Tuesday book was Ender's Game (link)

4) My post this week at Operation Awesome was about writing blurbs (that quick bit of info on the back of the book or on its jacket), and one of my examples was the upcoming show, Almost Human! Can't wait to see it! (link)

5) This week's WoW was Dear Killer (link)

6) My pal Dana and a friend of hers are doing a Read - a - Thon (#ReadingCram) and I'm participating! They have lots of different, fun posts to choose from, and are also looking for more participants, so here's the form and info. (link)

Well, that's about it! Have a great weekend (and Veteran's Day), and happy reading!


Fiction_TheNewReality (Jayne) said...

A late happy birthday to you hun! Can't wait to hear your big news *squeals with anticipation* The Read-a-thon looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Thanks, Jayne! :) Have a great weekend!