Jonas and Hattie hate Thanksgiving, but Pity Isn't An Option! (#giveaway)

It's one day before our last meal.


I will never, ever think of that word the same way again.

All the dismal events that have happened over the past few years remain tucked away in the shadowy party of my mind--the part that holds on to all things dark with a death-tight grip. I try not to visit them often, try not to remember what they are.

But--they are there--this I know. And they aren't going to go away. At some point, the shadowy part is going to run out of room, and everything sad and hopeless and catastrophic that has happened so far will overflow. That's what I have to look forward to soon: To the moment when my brain can no longer absorb it and all the darkness and sadness and oppression will burst out of their gates and fill my head with ominous sludge.

I don't know why, but I have this twisted idea that celebrating Thanksgiving a few days early is actually good. If we celebrate it now, before the actual day, the holiday won't be eternally scarred. It won't be yet another memory that looms over  your head, a memory that, year after year, brings a sock to your stomach of that last Thanksgiving day we ever spent as a family as a whole.   

So because Thanksgiving plays a decent role in Pity Isn't An Option (Jonas and Hattie both hate it, but especially Hattie -- those are her words up there), I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway! There will be FIVE winners total, with each winner receiving a Pity Isn't An Option audiobook and an eARC of If I Speak True. There are a few ways to enter, but I made sure that the free option gave you the most entries in case it's the only one you use! (I've posted the giveaway here, AND on my Facebook page.) Have a blessed Thanksgiving, US folks! I can't wait to see who wins! (Giveaway ends this Monday, December 2nd.)

Pity Isn't An Option audiobook 
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Ella Z. said...

International! yey! cheers from PerĂº, I really want to read your book *-*