This week's writerly news -- By Sun and Candlelight (Flora 1.5), Divergent, & more

Me at the end of a writing week. Yes, I realize I'm not *that* cute.

IT IS FRIDAY! WOOT! Here's this week's news:


This is not the cover. But part of it is.
I'm totally teasing you guys with this. Ha ha ha ha.

* The cover and blurb for By Sun and Candlelight (Flora 1.5 -- Rowan's novella), will be officially revealed Monday, April 7th, at Hafsah's blog (IceyBooks). Woot! If you feel like it, you can totally add it to your Goodreads, HERE


* Divergent. Have you seen it yet? Did you see Veronica's cameo? Did Shailene make you cry? I've seen it twice, and yes, Miles is still my man (even though he's a meanie pants... a.k.a. Peter) but he best redeem himself soon, or we're going to have to have a talk.

          ** Movie poster courtesy of Entertainment Weekly... There are character posters for the Dauntless crew, too.

          ** Did you know that you can read the first ten chapters of Divergent free on the official movie Tumbler page? Check it out!

Divergent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version]

* Speaking of Divergent, both Beating Heart and Hanging On (I See Monstas Remix) by Ellie Goulding rock. (Anyone else love Miss Goulding?) I also love Find You, Stranger, and I Need You. Check out a soundtrack sampler HERE.

* This week's WoW was Always Emily

Darrell Lea Soft Eating Strawberry Licorice 7 oz

* This week's snack is Darrell Lea liquorice. Currently... on sale at Target. :D (Strawberry is our favorite.) Be careful, though. You can easily eat the entire bag in one sitting.

* FYI, I'm all caught up on Arrow now. In case you were wondering. :p

* Did I mention that betas ROCK? No? Well they do. (Ya'll know who you are. *smooosh*)

Around the interwebs

* Yesterday, I tweeted my heart's desire about all of my lovely internet pals... and some of you responded, and it made me so HAPPY. One day, we will find a way to make this happen, guys. One. Day.

* Writing: Breaking out of the white mold: I was over at Operation Awesome on Wednesday discussing diversity when it comes to race and how I wish we saw more of this on covers and in the content of YA books. Feel free to check it out/share your thoughts, HERE.

Jamie Lee Curtis crypt keeper Freaky Friday GIF

*You're probably getting real sick of hearing about The Man in the Iron Mask giveaway, but guess what? In a week I'll be giving a new one away! Can't tell you what it is yet, but here's a clue ;D --- >

Also, you know how I said I was going to have alllll these fun features now? I've only done about half of them. O.0 Mainly because the writing has been going full force with the novella and book two/Open Thy Heart; and blogging, though lovely and fun, is VERY time consuming. One of the features that I have been able to stick with, however (along with the giveaway one because I loves yous), is Reader Interviews. And next Monday Beighley (@Mockingjay31) will be on! Yay!

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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